Holiday in San Francisco: Your guide to San Francisco, USA


Regional Information

Population: 812,826 (2011)
Language: English
Currency: US Dollar
Time Zone: UTC/GMT -8 hours


Surrounded by ocean and bay, San Francisco’s weather can be difficult to predict. Summer in San Francisco is marked by famous white fog, and temperatures tend to drop once the fog has set in during the afternoon. Winters are wet from December through February but temperatures are mild compared to the rest of the country.

Fascinating Facts

  1. Denim jeans were actually invented in San Francisco for the Gold Rush workers who needed ‘tough’ clothing.
  2. The fortune cookie actually originated in San Francisco, though many believe it to be Asia!
  3. Painting the Golden Gate Bridge is a process that takes four years. The bridge is constantly being painted to maintain its look.
  4. San Francisco attracts more than 17 million visitors per year.
  5. San Francisco is home to the largest community of Chinese people outside of China itself.
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