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What are Optional Excursions and when do I purchase them?

With our perfectly balanced itineraries, we make sure you don’t miss any of the major sights, plus we ensure you enjoy off-the-beaten-path experiences with the guidance of our knowledgeable Travel Directors and network of Local Experts. Your Travel Director will also offer you a variety of Optional Excursions that perfectly complement your holiday, should you wish to experience something extra and personalise your trip. A full list of what will be offered on your trip can be found under each individual itinerary or to see a sample of what we offer, see our On Your Trip page.

Payment for all our Optional Excursions is only available at the start of your trip from your Travel Director and payment can be via credit card or cash (in local currency or US dollars). Remember to plan your budget in advance to take advantage of these memorable experiences.

Can I use my electrical appliances?

Electrical plugs and outlets differ throughout the world so you’ll need a universal travel adaptor suitable for the countries you are travelling to in order to use any mobile devices (electric shaver, travelling iron, mobile phones for example). Electrical currents also vary throughout the world and we suggest you carry a converter for any electronics that are not dual voltage in order to prevent them being damaged.

Must I know the native languages of the countries I am visiting?

While it is a nice gesture to greet local people in their native language, it is not essential as your Travel Director will normally be able to help you. They will teach you common phrases and be there to offer friendly assistance.

Can I have laundry done?

Most hotels do offer a laundry service and in some cities Laundromats are also available. However, it is a good idea to try and pack enough clothing to avoid having to do laundry, as it can sometimes be costly or inconvenient.

How can I keep in touch with family and friends?

Generally, a cell phone is often the easiest way to communicate with others back home. ‘Bill shock’ is becoming increasingly common for international travellers, arriving home from their trip to a hefty cell phone bill that can be as much as the actual trip! Before leaving on your trip you can take steps to avoid returning home to an expensive phone bill:

1. Check international calling and text rates, disable data roaming and consider a prepaid service designed for international travellers.
2. An international cell phone and prepaid SIM card lets you stay connected and in touch with family and friends, and control yours costs at the same time.
3. Trafalgar partners with eKit to offer travellers international cell phone packages and prepaid SIM cards, to save travellers up to 85% on international roaming rates for calls, texts and data. For more information visit eKit Global Phone card.

Is there seat rotation?

Yes, your Travel Director will implement a seat rotation system, whereby all guests will rotate their seats on the coach daily. This allows for everyone to experience the spectacular views from different seats, and you’ll have a better opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers.

What if I become ill on my trip and am unable to continue?

Your Travel Director will assist you with a doctor’s visit or hospitalisation should you require. Trafalgar has a dedicated Customer Care Department in Europe or our Operations Department in the relevant country will contact you to offer assistance and advice, coordinate with your travel insurance company and keep in touch until you are able to re-join the trip or return home. This service is included in the cost of your trip; however it is not a replacement for travel insurance, which we strongly advise all travellers to purchase.

What if I arrive late and miss a feature on the trip?

We regret that no refunds can be made for absences from a trip, including experiences such as missed meals or sightseeing.

Can I drink the water in the countries I will visit on my trip?

In Western Europe, Scandinavia, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand the answer is yes. For other countries visited you will be informed by your Travel Director.

Is smoking allowed on the coach?

There is a no smoking policy when on board the coach. We do, however make plenty of comfort stops, allowing you ample opportunity to smoke outside if you wish, stretch your legs, take a scenic snapshot or enjoy a cup of coffee.

What is the London Reception Centre and what facilities does it offer?

When arriving in London, you can enjoy our new state-of-the-art London Reception Centre. Here you can relax in comfort before your Trafalgar itinerary departs. Catch up with international news on TV, read the paper or check your emails using our free WIFI facility. Our Local Hosts can also confirm your current bookings and organise sightseeing excursions while in London. Visit our London Reception Centre page for more information about the facilities offered.

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