Why register for the Trafalgar Online Community?

There are many benefits to joining the Online Community. Once registered, you can create your own personal profile and participate in our Forums. You may also want to create a Wishlist of your dream vacations and compare them with our Comparison feature. By joining the Community you can also meet your fellow travel companions before your trip even begins via your private Trip Group. Here, you'll be able to share your travel Blog and photos with members of your group. Registration for Community is free and easy so get started now!

How do I register and activate a Community account?

Registering for a Community account is easy and only requires an email address. You will then have to activate your account after being sent a confirmation email. To register for a new account:

1. Click Community Login, located on the top right menu of the Trafalgar homepage.
2. Enter your details, including first and last name, email address and choose a password. Your password must contain at least six characters and at least one number, and is case sensitive. Please note, your information is safe with us, see our Privacy Policy.
3. An email will be sent to your nominated email account. Click on the link enclosed to activate your account.

You can now participate in our Forums, find your Trip Group and enjoy all the benefits of being an online Community member.

How do I change my password?

Changing your password for the Community is easy and can be done at anytime. To change your password:

1. Log into Community.
2. Click Account Options located on the side menu on the left.
3. Change your password by entering your old password followed by your new one. Please note, your password must be at least six characters long and contain at least one number. Your password is case sensitive.
4. Click Submit.

Your password will now have been successfully changed.

How do I change my email address registered to my Community account?

You can change your registered email address at anytime. Once you have logged in to Community, click on Account Options located on the left side menu and select Change Email.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password:

1. Click Forgotten Password located below the Login button on the Community Login menu.
2. Enter your email address.

An email will then be sent to the address entered. Click on the enclosed link to reset your password. If you do not receive the email, check your email address is entered correctly or that the email is not in your spam or junk mail folder.

I have forgotten my username. What should I do?

Your username is the email address you originally registered for the Community. Please ensure you have entered this address correctly.

What is my profile page and how can I update it?

Your Profile Page within the Community is the first page you see when you log in. It contains an overview of you and your friend's updates plus allows you to change your status to inform the rest of the Community.

How do I update my profile and personal information?

You can update any of your profile or personal information including your preferred name, personal details, hobbies and interests at anytime. To change your email address, or account registration details see the relevant FAQ for the action. To update your profile:

1. Log in to the Community.
2. Click on My Profile in the left side menu.
3. Select what you would like to edit, Personal Details or My Interests.
4. Select Edit Section.
5. Enter or change any of your personal details. Note: Any information with a lock icon beside it is private and will not be visible in your public profile.
6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Your updated information will now be saved in your personal profile.

How can I update my Profile Photo?

You can update your Profile Photo at anytime with an image of your choice. If you do not have an image you would like to display in the Community, you can also select one of our existing avatars.

1. Click Change Profile Photo located in the left side menu.
2. Select Choose underneath the thumbnail of your current photo.
3. Select an image from your system folders to display. Note, your image will display best as a square shape and should not exceed a file size of 700KB and be in a .jpg or .gif format.
4. Click Save.

Your Profile Photo will now be updated and displayed within the Community.

What is Profile Completeness? How can I get my Profile complete?

You can complete your profile by entering your details in the My Profile section found on the menu on the left. Your profile will be complete once all fields have been filled in under Personal Details and My Interests. You will know your profile is complete when your Profile Completeness reaches 100%.

What is My Wall and can I write on my friend's Wall?

My Wall displays the activity you have contributed to within the Community. It shows your status updates, your friend's status updates and general activity you and your friends have participated in. To view your Wall, click My Wall located in the menu on the left or top menu once logged in.

You can also write on your friend's walls by clicking My Friends, selecting the member and writing your comment in the field box at the top of the page. Click Add and your comment will be published to your friend’s Wall.

What are Badges and how do I earn them?

Badges are a fun way to see how active a member is in the Community. They are awarded once you reach a certain level of points, or if you have previously traveled on a Trafalgar vacation. Points can be earned by participating in all different aspects of the Community such as posting Discussions, adding to your Profile Page, inviting friends and commenting on other member’s posts. If you upload top rated photos, or are an active commenter within the Forum, you can earn special badges just for these activities.

How to earn points:

 Action  Points Earned
 A friend accepts your invite to join the Community  25
 Add a photo  20
 Add a forum post  10
 Comment on a photo or content  5
 Receive a comment on a photo  5
 Fully complete your profile  100

Points needed to earn Badges:

 Badge  Points
Bronze Star  Bronze Star  5 to 500
Silver Star  Silver Star  501 to 5000
Gold Star  Gold Star  5001 to 15000
Platinum Star  Platinum Star  15,001 to 25,000
Diamond  Diamond  25,001 or more

Trip badges:

 Badge  Number of
 Trips taken
Trip Newbie  Trip Newbie  0 to 1 trips
Trip Fan  Trip Fan  2 to 5 trips
Trip Enthusiast  Trip Enthusiast  6 to 11 trips
Trip Connoisseur  Trip Connoisseur  12 to 19 trips
Trip Guru  Trip Guru  20 or more trips

Badges are also awarded to members who actively comment in the community and who contribute top rated photos:

 Badge  Number of
 Trips taken
Camera  Top Rated Photos  0 to 1 trips
Comment  Most Active Commenter  2 to 5 trips

I was a Power Member on the old Message Boards. Do I get a special badge?

If you were a Power Member from the old Message Boards, you are automatically awarded the Seasoned Member Badge denoted by a flame Flame. Unfortunately, only Power Members from the old Message Boards can receive this Badge.

How do I add Friends in the Community?

You can add other members of the Community as your Friends. Their status updates will then appear on your Profile Page and you will have the ability to send Private Messages. To add a member as a Friend:

1. Select My Friends located on the left side menu.
2. Click Member Directory.
3. In the Keyword field, enter the name you are searching for and click Search. You can also browse names by letter, just click on the alphabet located below.
4. Once you have located the member you would like to be friends with, click Add As Friend.
5. An email request will then be sent to the member and they will have to approve the friendship.

Friends you have requested are displayed under Requests. If you would like to invite someone to be your friend and they are not a member of the Community, you will need to use the Invite Friends feature.

How do I invite my friends who are not members of the Trafalgar Community, to become my Friend?

You can invite people from outside our Community to become your friend. They can then register for an account and become a member. To invite a friend to the Community:

1. Select My Friends located on the left side menu.
2. Click Invite Friends.
3. Enter your friend's email addresses. Note, use commas to separate multiple email addresses.
4. An invitation is automatically composed for you, however you can edit the field and make additions if you wish.
5. Click Invite Friends.

You friends will then receive an email asking them to become members of the Trafalgar Community. They can then follow the instructions provided to create their account.

How can I remove a friend from my Profile?

You can remove a friend from your Profile at any time. To remove a friend:

1. Select My Friends located on the menu on the left.
2. Click Remove As Friend located on the right of the friend’s display box. You are automatically no longer friends with that user. The removed member is not advised that they have been removed.

Please note, if you are removing a friend due to behaviour that contravenes the Community guidelines you can also report the user.

How do I cancel my Community account?

You can cancel your Community account at anytime. However, once your account is cancelled, it cannot be reactivated.

1. Log in to the Community.
2. Click Account Options located on the menu on the left.
3. Select Cancel Account.
4. You will be asked to confirm your selection.
5. Confirm deletion of your account.

Please note, deletion of your account does not automatically delete any information (posts and photos etc.) that you have previously published within the Community.

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