Hidden Treasures

A Surprise Just Waiting to be Uncovered

Sometimes the most amazing sights are just around the corner, but how would you know where to look or that they were even there? With their insider knowledge of each destination, our Travel Directors delight in revealing these exclusive Hidden Treasures to you on every itinerary, uncovering a unique surprise you'd never experience traveling on your own.

Although we prefer not to spoil the surprise, here's a small sample:

San Francisco, USA

Find yourself in a secluded oasis amid the urban jungle as your Trafalgar Travel Director reveals a Hidden Treasure of San Francisco.

Visit the pilgrimage site for Muscovite newlyweds in Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

A fascinating and touching Hidden Treasure awaits where you're taken to a bridge that has become a pilgrimage site for Muscovite newlyweds. The couples leave a padlock bearing their names and wedding date attached to the bridge as a symbol of their wedded bond.

Visit a gingerbread bakery in the Lake District, England

Lake District, England

Take a walk out of the main town to a secluded village square where you'll be shown a tiny Post Office, small and hidden by creepers that you never would have known was there. Then be drawn in by the most delicious smell of freshly baked gingerbread across the square to a gingerbread bakery.

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