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From the limitless energy of New York City to the tropical forests of Costa Rica, North and Central America is a magnetic continent which no traveller could visit without awe. 

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Innovative, inspirational and awe-inspiring

America has long been a continent of innovation – whether it’s as recent as the space exploration of the twentieth century or the centuries-old architectural accomplishments of the Mayans. But we do much more than just show you the sights – we’ll introduce you to its inspirational people too.

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Dynamic and dazzling, the ever-evolving USA has always marched ahead of the rest of the world. As a vacation destination, it's hard to imagine anyone to which it wouldn’t appeal. If you're looking for shopping and excitement, there's New York. And for beautiful beaches and wildlife, try Florida or California. You can even immerse yourself in jazz and a supremely chilled vibe in New Orleans.

Join us and you'll visit pretty seaside towns as well as vibrant cities, and hear talks from wildlife experts as you explore national parks. And rather than hamburgers, you'll taste and even learn to make local specialties. In idyllic Hawaii, the USA’s only island state, you can go scuba diving, enjoy music and dancing or just relax on the beautiful beaches.

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The world’s second largest country is a land of stunning natural phenomena, from the thundering cascade of Niagara Falls to the snow-capped Rocky Mountains.

French-speaking Montreal is a haven for food, art and culture lovers. While beachside Vancouver, filled with lakes, rivers and green spaces, is a naturally beautiful city in the shadow of the mountains. In gorgeous, flower-filled Victoria, we’ll introduce you to the owners of a vineyard who’ll treat you to a homecooked meal washed down with homegrown wine.

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Central America

If you want to experience some of the world’s most exotic wildlife, Costa Rica is home to half a million species. Join us in this prime ecotourism destination, where you can fly through the rainforest on a zip wire one minute, and meet farmers and chocolatiers the next. 

Mexico’s natural landscape is shaped by ancient civilizations and is a land of fascinating Mayan ruins, and it is also home to a super-ravine four times larger than the Grand Canyon. You’ll find the Mexico’s exuberant people a privilege to meet - whether you learn about natural remedies from a medicine woman, or help a restaurant owner to make traditional Mayan dishes.

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America's National Parks

With the changing seasons of America’s National Parks, you can enjoy a whole new perspective of their beauty by visiting at different times of the year. 

In fall, many of the national parks in North America are bursting with autumnal colours. The foliage of trees across the continent turn into vibrant shades of everything from oranges and yellows to pinks and browns. Autumn in the parks is also a great time for wildlife-spotting.

The scenery is possibly even more magical during the colder months, when the parks’ landscapes are covered in a blanket of snow and frozen lakes and glisten in the winter sunshine. And in spring, temperatures are warming and the landscapes become ablaze with colour as flora begins to blossom.

Join us on a one of our North America National Parks tours and discover their seasonal delights for yourself.

Costa Rica

Lush national parks, colourful wildlife and tropical beaches; that’s Costa Rica in a nutshell.

Travelling through its diverse landscape, you’ll find why Costa Rica is the quintessential destination for eco-tourism. One day you might find yourself zip-lining through the dense rainforest of Monte Verde Cloud Forest Reserve, and the next you could be discovering a multitude of plant and animal species in the Tortuguero National Park. 

Join us on a tour to Costa Rica and you’ll learn about sustainable farming and nature conservation. You’ll also discover the deafening sounds of howler monkeys and if you’re lucky, you may even spot a quetzal or a great green macaw.


When you think paradise, it’s not unnatural to think Hawaii. Each of Hawaii’s six islands possess their own distinct character – but the one thing they all share in common is beautiful beaches. 

Hawaii Island is so vast that it holds 11 of the world’s 13 climatic zones – so you can discover everything from sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains. Experience Maui’s unique local culture by exploring its artistic communities and traditional villages, plus when you come to the island with us you’ll enjoy a regional Luau meal. 

And on Oahu Island you can watch surfers brave the huge waves on the north shore, plus our Local Specialists will give you an in-depth insight into Hawaii’s military past on a visit to Pearl Harbour.

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Whether it’s shimmering blue coastlines, ancient pyramids, jungle, deserts or vivacious cities you’re looking for in your next holiday, you’ll find it in Mexico. 

Sandwiched between the USA and Guatemala, Mexico is influenced by its very different neighbouring countries and its past civilisations – including the Mayans.  
A trip to the Yucatán sites, including Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, gives you an insight into Mexico’s important Mayan history. But there’s nothing like meeting the Mexican people – from local families to artisans – to give you a better understanding of its diverse and complex cultures. 

 Join us on a tour of Mexico and you’ll visit pearl oyster farmers, dine with locals and explore towns and cities with experts.

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