Cuba is a Caribbean island nation bursting with energy and a unique vibe visible through its vibrant culture and reflected in its food, music and undeniable charm.

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Cuba is like no other place on earth; the streets of its capital city, Havana, almost seem to resemble a museum, filled with colourful classical American cars that reflect days gone by.

We guide you through this fascinating city filled with eye-catching architectural styles, including Colonial, Baroque, Neo-classical, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Eclectic influences, while taking you to quirky eateries and watering holes where jovial locals create the tastiest cocktails imaginable. 

Simply strolling the streets you’ll hear the infectious sounds made by musicians sitting casually on the corner and begin to realise what makes this Caribbean island nation so intriguing. From smoky bars to vintage cars, we’ll show you the true colours of Havana’s vibrant atmosphere


Discover the magic of this perfectly preserved historic town as you wander around its narrow streets lined with bright coloured houses. Meet a priest at the Yemaya Temple, which is used for the practice of the Santeria religion, and cool off with fresh sugar cane juice as you watch locals and tourist dance salsa at the open-air Casa de la Musica.


Colourful and historic, Camagüey is known for its maze of alleyways, Spanish plazas, performing arts and numerous cathedrals. Visit the stars of the Camagua dance company, who will play Afro-Cuban beats and demonstrate moves that have been handed down for generations.


The magnetic energy that can be experienced in Havana is second to none, felt not only through its captivating culture and overtly friendly locals but also evident by simply strolling along its fascinating streets, where coming across live music is the norm and soaking up the infectious atmosphere that surrounds you is a must.

Old Havana, known locally as Habana Vieja, is situated on the eastern side of the city and boasts a beautiful Baroque cathedral, as well as many museums found amongst its cobbled streets; the area has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must-see site that we’ll guide you through.

Along your journey, you’ll meet talented artists, listen to a Cuban baseball player and go for a spin in an iconic American car, as you discover Ciudad de las Columnas, the ‘City of Columns’, in all of its glory.


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