Tailored Holidays

Come celebrate special events, festivities and illustrious icons with Trafalgar

Whatever your pilgrimage - from the footsteps of Luther to those of the Lords and Ladies - Trafalgar has created a range of Tailored Holidays commemorating special events festivities and the lives of important figures, both fictitious and real, for you to enjoy on your own or with friends and family. 

We've taken care of all the details to reveal the true essence of the people and places that will shape this special occasion, ensuring your journey of discovery is effortless and secure. 

Keep an eye on the below for our latest Tailored trips and find out why Trafalgar makes for the perfect holiday for your group here.

Perhaps you want to build your own custom experience?  Contact groups@trafalgartours.com.au or phone (02) 9657 3333 (option 6).

Our Tailored trips:

  • European White Christmas

    Over 15 magical days, discover the secrets of champagne production at one of France’s greatest Champagne houses.

  • Edwardian Lords and Ladies including Downton Abbey
    5 days 2 countries 3 cities

    Edwardian Britain at its best, revealed through a five-day tailored itinerary exploring several filming locations.

  • The Life of Martin Luther
    9 days 1 country 7 cities

    Explore the reformation of the Protestant religious movement on this trip across Germany.

  • Days of Devotion
    12 days 3 countries 7 cities

    This special trip across France, Spain and Portugal explores places of pilgrimage, piety and miracles.

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