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Explore Britain Reasons to Explore Britain by Travelling Beyond London

With its world-class museums, diverse cultural identity and exciting culinary scene, London attracts visitors year-round. But, it may come as a surprise that as many as 70 per cent of visitors stay within the capital, instead of venturing beyond its boundaries to discover more of Britain. Trafalgar Travel Director Rachel Thomas tells us why any … read more

Port Wine in Portugal Where to Drink Port Wine in Portugal

A source of great national pride, Portugal’s fortified wine is famous the world over. Hailing from the mountainous Douro region in the north of the country, it’s the unique combination of local grape varieties, traditions and terroir that mean this landscape is the only place in the world that Port can be produced. To stroll … read more

Coffee Roasters in San Francisco Where to Find the Best Coffee Roasters in San Francisco

In recent years, San Francisco has become known across the globe for its abundance of exceptional coffee bars and artisanal coffee roasters. Throughout each of the city’s neighbourhoods, these cool cafes are drawing people in with the aroma of freshly roasted, sustainably sourced coffee beans. Within this vibrant café scene, there are a handful of … read more

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