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Food and wine

At Trafalgar we understand how important it is to experience the cuisine of a country when you are visiting it. We pride ourselves on knowing the best places to eat and drink, and can tailor an itinerary to your special interest including the items below:

  • Cooking Classes. Join a local chef and head to the local markets where you are tasked with buying fresh produce, before heading to the chef’s restaurant where you spend time preparing a delicious lunch with a glass of wine. Trafalgar can organise casual classes like this, or more formal classes at professional cooking schools to cater exactly to your needs
  • Be My Guest. Our exclusive experiences where you dine with local people in their homes give you the chance to truly understand how local people live. Learn about the family, how they ended up where they live, and taste delicious home-cooked food
  • Wine-tasting Excursions. Picture yourself travelling out into the Montalcino and Montepulciano regions of Italy with a wine expert who takes you to a couple of vineyards for tastings, before you stop at another vineyard for a delicious lunch washed down with more wine. Trafalgar can organise wine-tasting excursions in key locations such as France and Italy so that you can truly enjoy the wonderful wines that the countries are famous for
  • Local Cuisine Demonstrations. Experience the delicious cuisines in Asia by learning how some of the most famous products in the region are made – watch a demonstration on the art of making dumplings in Xi’an, learn the secrets of making sushi in Tokyo, and many more

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