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WE Extension to India

Join WE and extend your Trafalgar trip

with an unforgettable excursion to the sun-drenched fields of India. 

Dive deeper into India's vibrant culture and landscape on this sustainable,

transformative excursion. 

Leave a legacy. Leave a positive impact.

Ready to book your India extension?

For more about the trip, departure dates and pricing, visit WE:

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Day 1

Fly to Udaipur and make your way to the Araveli Cottages and Tented Camp
Meet your WE guide and fly into Udaipur from Mumbai. Then make your way to the rural surroundings of Araveli Lodge.
Enjoy the stunning landscapes of Rajasthan, the royal state of India, as you drive to Araveli Cottages and Tented Camp. 

Introduction and Orientation
Settle in to your private tent or cottage and tour the generous shared spaces and garden. Become acquainted with Araveli, discuss the trip itinerary and what to expect.
Learn about our partner charity's sustainable development model, which works with rural communities to break the cycle of poverty and achieve long-term community development goals. Projects include school rooms to offer quality primary education; health care services; alternative income projects; safe, clean drinking water and sanitation systems; and agriculture and food security projects.

A Few Words of Hindi 
Learn some key introductory Hindi phrases in preparation for your meeting with the community.  From “Namaste” to “Aap kaise ho?”, you will soon be testing out your new skills as you head into the village for the first time.

Community Welcome 
Experience the warmth of a community welcome as you gather with students and villagers who will be directly affected by the work you are doing. In accordance with Hindu tradition, you will partake in a puja – a traditional Hindu prayer ceremony to mark the beginning of an auspicious event. Every new initiative begins with a blessing to ensure the success and prosperity of the work being undertaken. Learn about the village and the school that you will help to rebuild; and how your efforts and the work of WE Charity will make a meaningful difference in the lives of the children and their families.

Welcome Dinner
All of our food is prepared by the renowned Chef KK, a local who is passionate about sharing traditional cuisine and explaining the story behind each dish.

Day 2

Early Morning Yoga
Begin your day, at sunrise, like thousands of others in the country with yoga, the discipline that originated in ancient India. See how your postures and meditative abilities improve! This morning, we will also offer a great alternative for the disinclined yogi: Discover your dosha! In this session, you will learn about doshas, which are the three fundamental bodily humours.

Day in the Life
Help local women with a few of their daily activities. Walking through the village, you will experience shared communal responsibility, frugality in the face of limited resources, and sustainability defined by the renewable and functional use of resources. You are invited to accompany women in making chapatti in their homes, hauling water from the local well, and in feeding the animals.

Lunch and Jhapki
“Jhapki” is Hindi for “siesta”. In keeping with local tradition, we will take a short rest from the hot midday sun at Araveli Cottages and Tented Camp before returning to the day’s activities in the cooler afternoon hours.

Project Building
Roll up your sleeves and start volunteering at the build site. There is a meaningful role for guests of all ages and abilities, as we help build a needed facility for the community – whether it is a school, latrine or a simple wall! You will be contributing to the project that the community needs most at that time. 

Dinner and Dance Performance from Local Dance Troupe
End your day with a colourful performance that will showcase local folk dance traditions.

Day 3

Optional Nature Hike
Take in the beautiful foothills of the Mewar region by exploring the flora and fauna with a local guide from the area.

Return to the project site and continue to build. Track your progress from the day before as you get comfortable with the various roles and work together as a team.

Lunch and Jhapki

Indian Artisan Activities
Unwind this afternoon as you choose to participate in age-old customs that will immerse you in the local culture and crafts. Experience the various artistic forms of henna, tie-dyeing and block-printing.

Women’s or Men’s circle: Alternative Income and Livelihood
Meet women and men involved in our alternative income projects and learn about their daily economic challenges and struggles to support and care for their families. These projects provide men and women with the opportunity to generate income and to improve the food security of their families through the distribution of productive resources, such as goats or improved crop production. This is an open discussion about the changes in rural India and also a chance to discuss gender roles in the community. 

Return to the project site and continue to build. Track your progress from the day before as you get comfortable with the various roles and work together as a team.


Day 4

Early Morning Yoga

Farewell Breakfast
Indulge in a special farewell breakfast before setting off on your final day in India. This is your chance to say goodbye to your new friends at Araveli.

Last Minute Market Shopping
Departing from Araveli, stop at the authentic Indian market of Udaipur. It’s your last chance to take in the hustle and bustle around you – the motorcycles, cows, shopkeepers and people teeming along the streets. Practise your bartering skills and bring home some souvenirs from your adventure!

Depart Udaipur for your Onward Flight
Transfer to Udaipur’s Maharana Pratap Airport in time to catch your onward flight. 
āpa aura surakṣita yātrā dhan'yavāda-thank you, and have a safe journey!