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Why guided vacations?

Travel as an insider

When you’re visiting a new destination, there’s nothing like having a friend there to welcome you. Someone who’s passionate about making sure you have a great time; who will make sure you meet the locals and introduce you to hidden treasures.

That’s what we offer at Trafalgar with our knowledgeable and well-connected Travel Directors. Together with our behind-the-scenes team, they’ll attend to every detail of your trip, so all your time can be spent enjoying your holiday.

There’s no need to plan your journey before you leave home or on your trip. We’ll arrange everything for you, whether it’s choosing the right accommodation, taking your luggage to your room or arranging VIP access to major attractions so you can avoid the queues. It’s all done quietly behind-the-scenes.

A guided holiday makes a great addition or even an alternative to a cruise. You’ll see more than just the coast, discovering places by both day and night and allowing you to experience local culture genuinely.

We’re certain that guided travel is one of the best ways to truly experience a destination, but not all guided holiday companies are the same. Find out what sets us apart.

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