72 years in the making, we introduce you to our Africa – brand new trips that we’ve crafted with first-hand knowledge and a connection to the local heritage that you won’t find with anyone else.
For us, it’s being able to share our love of Africa – our iKhaya or ‘home’, where the Tollman family story all began. The photos are our own and from a dear family friend, wildlife photographer, author and local expert, Mike Myers who has helped us carefully curate our trips. The highlights and tips are ours, sprinkled with family memories and loaded with passion and destination expertise. From the taste of refreshing sundowners with the hippos on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River to embracing endless freedom in the Masai Mara, the Serengeti and the Kalahari Desert. These are the real stories of Africa – our stories of Africa. Join us as we live The Good Life in this magnificent continent and the place we know best.
Discover The Real Africa with Trafalgar
Mike Myers - Wildlike Photographer
Mike Myers: Wildlife Photographer
On safari in the heart of Africa
“The opportunity of having access to some of Africa’s most spectacular wild areas inspired me to capture the landscape and its wildlife on film. I was able to spend every day in the bush and this equipped me with the most valuable tool a wildlife photographer can have – an in-depth knowledge of wildlife behaviour.”

MIKE MYERS, Wildlife Photographer
Discover The Good Life in Africa

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