Be My Guest

Your invitation to dine with the locals

Food tastes so much better when it’s shared with local people who have a story to tell. Perhaps that’s why our Be My Guest experiences are so popular.

You’ll dine with local families in their homes, learn how to cook regional dishes, and share a glass or two with winemakers at their vineyards; giving you a deeper understanding of their lives and history.

"Be my guest lunch in tiny village was special"

Jan , Oct 2014

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    In New Zealand, the Tamaki family invite you into their marae to experience the traditions of Maori culture. You’ll witness the power and pride behind the legendary haka dance, before they serve you an authentic hangi meal cooked in the ground.

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    The Telli family invite you to dinner at their restaurant on a secluded island on Lake Maggiore. You'll enjoy a traditional dishes, while Signor Telli regales you with tales of how Isola Madre was once the playground of young princes.

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    In Santa Barbara, you'll meet Laurence and her chef at an old sea captain’s house. Together, you’ll prepare authentic Californian cuisine – and mix up your own salad dressing from freshly-picked ingredients.

Béatrice, France

Join Béatrice, the owner of beautiful 17th-century French Château L'Etape Gourmande, in Villandry. You’ll be welcomed into her elegant home to hear stories about life on the Touraine vineyard circuit and try authentic local dishes.

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