We all have our part to play in protecting our environment. Not only will we take you on an unforgettable adventure but you will be helping to protect the places of natural beauty and wildlife we visit.

  • Coach Travel

    Coach transport is a greener way to travel. It reduces congestion creating less pollution per passenger km than any other form of transport. Approximately 85% less CO2 is produced per passenger km in comparison to car or air travel, with a reduction of 40% relating to rail.

  • Good Corporate Citizens

    We endeavour to be good corporate citizens because we are passionate about the world we live in. Apart from introducing strong recycling best practices in all global offices, our global teams volunteer throughout the year in their local areas, from helping clean up the Grand Canyon to keeping Lake Geneva pristine. Click here to read about their local efforts.

  • Recycling

    As part of TTC, we are proud to be using 100% recycled paper for the body of our brochures. Some of the positive impacts of this include saving more than 41,000* trees per year and reducing landfill waste that produces harmful green house gases. We aim to use recycled paper for our marketing materials, where possible. We also have committed to recycle headset batteries on our coaches. *Calculations based on data from the Environmental Paper Network

  • Protecting Wildlife
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    From taking our guests on an unforgettable adventure such as the rehabilitation of orphaned elephants on our Sri Lanka trip to helping conserve iconic spots like the White Cliffs of Dover, we invest in projects that protect wildlife, habitats and natural beauty.