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Some are attracted by its stunning white sanded beaches and warm climate, and others by its millennia of history. Whatever your reason for visiting, Greece is a fascinating to explore.

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"Most beautiful country"
Mike, Jul 2014

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Filled with ancient ruins, spectacular scenery and adorable islands, Greece is a nation of passionate, erudite, gregarious people with a relaxed attitude to life that’s easily conducive to holidaying.

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One of the world’s oldest cities, with a history of at least 3,400 years, Athens is considered to have been the birthplace of Western civilisation and democracy due to its cultural and political achievements. 

The magnificent Acropolis, on which stands the Parthenon temple, rises above the city. Around this is a stunning pedestrian walkway linking the city’s ancient monuments, such as marble temples, Byzantine churches and ancient theatres. And it’s our Local Specialists who’ll enrich your discovery of these already fascinating sites, using their own insider knowledge and personal anecdotes. Marvel at the Agora, the Royal Palace, Hadrian’s Arch and the Acropolis Museum.

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One of Greece’s largest and most important ancient sites, Olympia was the venue for the first Olympic Games and is now a fascinating complex of ruins - and crowned a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Explore the remains of the stadium and the incredible Temple of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But we’ll show you the lesser-known side of Olympia too - when you visit the olive groves and vineyard of the Karambelas family. Enjoy a special tour of the grounds and learn traditional olive harvesting techniques, before enjoying a dinner of fresh local produce and wine straight from the barrel. You’ll finish the evening in classic Greek style: with music and dancing.

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Santorini (Thira)

White-washed villages, blue-domed churches and laid-back locals: Santorini is the quintessence of Greek island life. From multi-coloured cliffs right down to multi-coloured beaches, the island’s unique landscape has earned itself the nickname ‘Black Pearl of the Aegean’, owing to the volcanic eruptions of its past. And it’s on these cliffs and coastlines that you can witness its justifiably famous sunsets.

There’s so much to discover on this small island and when you join us, you’ll enjoy everything from its renowned wines to its Cycladic architecture. Learn how one of the largest and most destructive volcanic eruptions in history shattered the island of Santorini. And savour some of the region’s finest specialities at one of our favourite local restaurants.

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A get-away-from-it-all island to A-list stars, it’s not hard to see why Mykonos has long cast a spell over its visitors.  The island is belted with white-sand beaches; some of the best in Greece. And its capital – Mykonos Town – is a labyrinth of lanes, each lined with blue and white buildings made up of churches, windmills, cafes, boutiques and houses.

Join us in Mykonos on a stay or as part of an island-hopping cruise. Your Travel Director will help you discover the island’s treasures: whether it’s pointing out the charms of its old town or recommending a favourite local restaurant. If you like a cocktail at sun-down or a digestif, Mykonos’ stylish nightspots are the perfect way to wind down after a day’s exploring.

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"Fabulous insight into the Greek Islands, history and its people"

Sharon , Jul 2014

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