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Travel is about the experiences that will bring you joy

To enjoy travel, you have to immerse yourself in each destination you visit and experience each ‘pinch me’ moment to the fullest. We are dedicated to inspiring and surprising you in a way you could never imagine, letting you rediscover a sense of wonder too often lost in our busy daily lives. Our trips are carefully created so you feel the real joy of travel, waking up each morning looking forward to the exciting new discoveries that lie ahead and going to sleep smiling, as you reminisce on the unforgettable experiences of the day.

That’s what makes us Simply the Best. But you don’t have to take our word for it. With a 4.6/5-star independent satisfaction rating, you can rest assured that you are travelling with the best in the business. See what over 5 million happy past guests from across the globe have to say. Real reviews by real people that have experienced real holiday joy.

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What's in a moment?


- Moments of Joy

It's that moment when you whole body smiles, it's that laugh new friends, the pure elation felt when discovering something new, that feeling on being truely alive, when nothing else matters but now.


- Pure Joy from Travel Director, Brendan

From marriage proposals to his guests' reactions after seeing something for the first time, Travel Director, Brendan shares why his job brings him the ultimate joy.


- The Magic of culture

Let us take you behind the scenes of a famous Andalusia flamenco show in Seville, where Emilio Ramirez, the Artistic Director, reveals what makes flamenco such a key part of Spanish culture.

See what over 5 million happy past guests from across the globe have to say

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Another excellent Trafalgar tour!

This was my fourth Trafalgar tour, and once again it did not disappoint. I have found all Trafalgar's tour directors and bus drivers to be excellent. Great location of hotels, lots of extras that really made for a most enjoyable trip.
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Great!!!! Formidable!!!!!

I really enjoyed my Trafalgar tour.  We had a wonderful tour director who took great care of us and had organized our trip very well.  The sights were great and experiences wonderful.  Yes, I would do a Trafalgar tour again and I would recommend it to my friends.
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Pure, unadulterated joy. Trip of a lifetime!

This was a birthday trip for me and I honestly don't know how it could be topped. Ever! That's how special this trip was to me. We couldn't have asked for a more diverse group of people to travel with and by the end of the tour, we felt like family.

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