From ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and the Mayans to extraordinary architecture, nature reserves and beautiful beaches, Mexico is colorful in every sense of the word.

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A landscape carved by centuries of culture

Mexico's architecture embodies its cultivated history and includes the likes of Teotihuacan's gigantic pyramids and the Maya's beautifully decorated temples. You’ll find colonial towns full of mansions, intricately carved churches and tree-lined squares. And museums and galleries around the country tell the story of a past as varied as its landscape, which bounces from mountains and volcanoes to jungles and cactus-filled deserts.

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Copper Canyon

Mexico's Copper Canyon is four times as large as the Grand Canyon, and more than 1,800 metres deep in places. In this area you can enjoy some of Mexico's most rugged and stunning natural scenery – including a sea of green as far as the eye can see from verdant alpine forests. Join us on a railway ride that descends deep into the canyon and climbs to 8,000 feet above sea level. You’ll also have the chance to meet the Native American Tarahumara people, who have lived in the canyon’s caves for thousands of years. They’ll talk to you about their culture, show you their art and craftwork.

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In the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains lies the colonial town of Alamos, where the silver mines were once the richest in the world. Our Local Specialist will show you its beautiful mansions and cobbled streets, bringing the town to life with their own anecdotes and personal experiences, before we take you on to El Fuerte. Here the Torres family will welcome you into their 19th century mansion, where you’ll enjoy a traditional dance performance and a meal of local dishes, including black bass caught fresh from the El Fuerte river.

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The Mayans were once part of one of the world’s great civilizations, famed for their art, architecture and mathematical and astronomical abilities. We’ll take you on a truly fascinating trip to Mayan historical and cultural sites, including the ruins of the acropolis at Ek Bakam, the Yellow City of Izamala and the Great Acropolis. You’ll also see the Pyramid of Five Stories at Edzna, the Governor’s Palace and the Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal which is one of the best preserved Mayan ceremonial centers in the world. Explore the architectural masterpieces of Chichen Itza, including El Castillo, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. No vacation with us would be complete without also spending time with the region’s people. At Chaya Maya Mansion, chef Don Miguel will greet you in the kitchen with a regional cocktail before you help him make traditional Mayan dishes with a modern twist.

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