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Trafalgar. Tour Differently.

We’re celebrating turning 75…and you learn a lot in 75 years.

You learn that travel is more than just visiting places and that what stays with people the longest are the real moments. That people don’t travel for more of the same. They travel for new. For exciting. For different. 

So, here’s to the next 75 years of touring the world, differently. 

Trafalgar. Tour Differently.

The Trafalgar difference

Since day one, we’ve been guided by our love of travel, and that passion still guides us today. To preserve travel for future generations we’ve learnt to do differently. Travel differently.
Tour Differently.

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We’ve learnt it’s about the must sees and the local secrets

We know you’ve got a bucket list to tick, so your postcard moments are safe with us. But head around the corner and find the hidden gems that really bring a place to life. The quaint little bakery. The riverside lunch spots. The bar behind the bar. Our Travel Directors are locals, who know other locals, who know every nook and cranny of the places they live. And they’re beyond passionate about sharing the best of their home with you.
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We’ve learnt that one-of-a-kind experiences make memories that last a lifetime

Whilst yes, we show you sights and share our knowledge, we also take you beyond what is expected. So far off the beaten track you can’t even see the track anymore. Into villages. Into homes. Into lives. Where you’ll meet real people. Eat real meals. Hear real stories. Facts will fade but you’ll never forget the way these experiences made you feel.  
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We’ve learnt that responsible travel is the way we should all travel

We’re passionate about leaving the people, places and wildlife we visit better off than how we found them. So together with our not-for-profit, the TreadRight Foundation, we’ve developed a five-year sustainability strategy, covering everything from the environment, over-tourism, animal welfare and more…which means when you travel with Trafalgar, you travel knowing that you’re doing your bit too.
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We’ve learnt that going the extra mile goes a long way and that starts with personal service

On a tour with Trafalgar, you’re on a first name basis with our Travel Directors before you even meet them. Because the moment they get your details, they’re thinking about ways to make your trip as special as possible. Vegetarian? They know the best Falafel in town. Have a great, great grandfather who grew up in village nearby? They’re already talking to the driver about a small detour. The irony of a group tour with Trafalgar is our Travel Directors make you feel like you’re the only one there. Because that’s personal service.
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