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"With one of the world's oldest civilisations, China is unlike anywhere else in the world. I love introducing our guests to China's ancient traditions and a wonderfully unique culture."

Travel Director
China at a glance
Explore the Temple of Heaven, see the Great Mosque of Xi'an, relax with a session of foot reflexology, and savour tasty dumplings. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and discover the vast lands of China, from the Great Wall to the small villages.
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What to pack for China

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An open mind

Steeped in tradition and running on a clockwork of formal customs, China often commands patience and an open mind from its visitors. In no time at all, it will be these different systems that you love most about the country.

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Antibacterial wipes

Though China group tours with us will see you avoiding most messy situations, it's still handy to keep antibacterial wipes on standby for just in case. Nothing feels more hygienic than a quick freshen up before mealtime.

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A film camera

China is a photographer's dream. Capture these ancient lands with creative depth by taking along a film camera. There's something special about the Great Wall and ancient temples through a film style lens.

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A facemask

Though China is working hard to reduce its smog, some days often see the big cities enveloped in dense haze. Pack a mask, so it doesn't interfere with your plans to explore.

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Extra bag space

China offers one of the world's most celebrated shopping holidays. Here, a sea of clothes, gadgets and accessories are sold off for a fraction of their price in other parts of the world. Allow space for your many inevitable purchases.

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