Live The Good Life in Australia and New Zealand
Although the nations keep close ties, much can be said about the unique identities of Australia and New Zealand. From its boundless coastline, “most livable” cities and infinite red outback, Australia has every angle covered. The South Pacific islands, however, boast arguably the best beaches in the world. And then there’s New Zealand – a country where whale watching and winery-hopping can be carried out in one unforgettable tour. Dive beneath the surface of these destinations with Trafalgar and join us for a real southern adventure, unlike anything else.
See how only Trafalgar gets you to the heart of the places you go
Australia and New Zealand at a glance
How lucky are we to be able to call Australia and New Zealand home? From the depths of the coral reefs to the peaks of the Southern Alps, our Great Southern Land is admired the world over. Discover your own backyard with Trafalgar and dive into local experiences other travellers may never know about or have access to.
Largest country
Smallest country
New Zealand
"Be sure to try a world class pinot noir while in Central Otago. This drop is best enjoyed while drinking in those spectacular Queenstown views – mountains, lake and wine – an unforgettable combination.
Katie, Travel Director
Hand-crafted Australia and South Pacific experiences that you won’t find anywhere else? That’s The Good Life.
From the icons to the unexpected, get those ‘pinch me’ moments through a series of Trafalgar highlights in Australia and South Pacific other travellers may never know about or have access to.

Discover The Good Life in Australia and South Pacific

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