Become part of the Trafalgar Imagery Club! Simply submit your favourite holiday moments to the Trafalgar Photo Incentive. 

To submit low-resolution, social-media images, click the iPhone icon.

When you submit to the social-media stream, you automatically become part of our monthly “best photo” competition. If your image comes first, you stand to win £100.

To submit high-resolution shots, click the camera icon.

Your images may then be selected to be used for Trafalgar marketing, print or digital. If your image appears in printed material, such as our brochures, we’ll reward you with a cool £40 per image.

Credits:  As the photographer, you’ll be credited by the name you supply us with. We may purchase more than one image per photographer. If you are a winner, you’ll hear from us by email.

Needing inspiration? Browse the submission streams and read our blog. For extra, technical photography tips, to get your material into Trafalgar marketing products, read our Photo Guidelines. 

Enjoy it and get snapping! 

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