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Tailored Holidays

Come celebrate special events, festivities and illustrious icons with Trafalgar

Whatever your pilgrimage - from the footsteps of Luther to those of the Lannisters - Trafalgar has created a range of Tailored Holidays commemorating special events festivities and the lives of important figures, both fictitious and real, for you to enjoy on your own or with friends and family. 

We've taken care of all the details to reveal the true essence of the people and places that will shape this special occasion, ensuring your journey of discovery is effortless and secure. 

Check back soon to view our Tailored trips.

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Our Tailored trips:

  • Days of Devotion

    This special trip across France, Spain and Portugal explores places of pilgrimage, piety and miracles.

  • On the set of Edwardian England

    Travel in style through your favourite film and TV sets on this Edwardian themed itinerary

  • In full Bloom

    Join us on an exclusive trip to celebrate England in full bloom and immerse yourself in a riot of colour.