Hidden Treasures

Surprise insights from our Travel Directors

Our Travel Directors are deeply passionate about their countries, and their desire to discover more has unearthed many Hidden Treasures that they’ll share with you. You might see a lesser-known piece of artwork with a unique story, or an intriguing building that’s off the beaten path.

Whatever your Travel Director has up his or her sleeve, you’ll enjoy insider insights into your destination; the moments that often become the tales you tell when you return home.

"Hidden Trasures made us feel like we were really getting something special"

Robert, European Spotlight guest , Jul 2014

  • Poland Warsaw LittleInsurgentStatue 2016 L 177847562

    In Warsaw, Poland, Eva loves to tell her guests about the heroic history behind the Little Insurgent: “It moves everyone – it’s off the tourist track and a big part of Warsaw’s history. Discovering the story helps you understand what the city and its people are all about”.

Hidden Treasures