European Discoveries

  • European Highlights with Eurostar™
    8 days 5 countries 7 cities

    This trip compares France and Germany to smaller neighbours Switzerland and Holland.

  • European Dream
    10 days 4 countries 6 cities

    Local traditions and national heritage come together in this fast-paced Discoveries tour.

  • Delights of London and Paris
    9 days 2 countries 4 cities

    Big Ben, the Champs Élysées and Stonehenge are some of the highlights on this City Explorer trip.

  • European Splendour
    13 days 4 countries 8 cities

    This Discoveries trip unravels the stories and local treasures of Europe's finest cities, including Rome and Paris.

  • European Wonderland
    13 days 4 countries 9 cities

    It's all about food on this family trip from Rome to London, as you sample Italian pizza, Swiss chocolate and gelato.

  • European Marvel with Eurostar™ Extension

    Experience the opulence of some of Europe's finest cities on this Discoveries trip.

  • European Whirl with Eurostar™
    15 days 8 countries 13 cities

    Explore Europe's countries and cities while experiencing the best of its history on this Discoveries trip.

  • European Spotlight
    14 days 4 countries 9 cities

    Explore Paris, Florence, Rome and more on this Discoveries trip that reveals all that's special about Europe.

  • European Interlude with Eurostar™
    18 days 7 countries 14 cities

    Get an insider's view of cities including Vienna, Rome and Paris, on a trip that includes Local Specialist insights.

  • Traditional Europe with Eurostar
    21 days 10 countries 25 cities

    Delve beneath the obvious in Italy, Germany, France and Austria on this Discoveries trip.

  • Grand European with Eurostar
    24 days 10 countries 24 cities

    This Discoveries adventure does all the 'musts', but also takes you off the beaten path.

  • Great European
    30 days 10 countries 25 cities

    This exploration of Europe takes in the best of France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

  • European Traveller
    10 days 4 countries 7 cities

    Take in the world's most romantic cities on this Discoveries trip across Europe, and visit Paris, Rome and more.