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Want to go on a culture trip that will let you culturally immerse yourself into some of the world’s most fascinating regions? Well you’re in luck. Our immensely popular selection of historical holidays are crafted to help you unearth the true nature of your destination. Whether your thirst for knowledge leads you taking an intensive history tour to learn more about America’s Freedom Trail  and colonial cities, or criss-crossing the Aegean Sea in search of the splendour of once great ancient civilisations, these voyages of discovery are sure to be unforgettable.

Historical Tours

  • Mexico's Copper Canyon and Colonial Cities

    Discover the Copper Canyon and wander through historical cities and towns such as Hermosillo, Alamos, Fuerte and Cerocahui on this Mexican adventure.

  • Ancient Lands Moderate

    Discover Greece and Turkey's ancient towns and islands on this Cruise, Rail and Combinations trip.

  • WWI and WWII Battlefields
    12 days 4 countries 14 cities

    Visit some of the most historic battlefields in Europe during this poignant Special Interest trip.

  • Treasures of the Yucatan
    8 days 1 country 4 cities

    Uncover a wealth of ancient Mexican history and marvel at charming colonial towns and stunning beaches.

  • Trails of Liberty

    Step back into Colonial America and visit Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania on this Family Experiences trip.

  • Historic Highlights
    8 days 1 country 9 cities

    Immerse yourself in American history on this Regional Explorer trip from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia.

  • Tales of the Old South

    This At Leisure trip delves into the culture of the Deep South, taking in cities like Savannah and Charleston.

  • Rome Explorer
    8 days 1 country 4 cities

    Visit the Colosseum and the Vatican on this trip that takes you inside the heart of this great city.

  • Highland Trail inspired by Outlander
    13 days 1 country 17 cities

    Enjoy Scotland's stunning scenery in this trip inspired by Diana Gabaldon's hit series.