Central and Eastern Europe including Russia and Scandinavia

  • Nordic Adventure - NEW
    19 days 4 countries 18 cities

    Your very-own Arctic Scandinavian adventure, complete with tales of ancient Viking kings and Lapland stories of Sami culture.

  • Amsterdam Explorer
    6 days 1 country 5 cities

    With the buzz of a big city and charm of a little village, let Amsterdam's tree-lined canals captivate you.

  • Highlights of Poland

    Explore Warsaw, the medieval Old Towns of Gdansk, Wroclaw and Kraków, and Auschwitz.

  • Best of Holland
    7 days 1 country 8 cities

    This Country Explorer trip takes you beyond Holland's tulips and canals to see its pretty towns and unique customs.

  • Best of Holland Belgium and Luxembourg
    10 days 3 countries 5 cities

    Discover the best of the Benelux on this delightful cross-country trip.

  • Best of Germany
    12 days 1 country 12 cities

    This trip contrasts the Rhine, Black Forest and Bavarian Alps with the modernity of Munich and Berlin.

  • Best of Germany and Austria
    13 days 2 countries 10 cities

    This Regional Explorer trip is the ultimate German and Austrian road and river adventure.

  • Sound of Music
    9 days 2 countries 5 cities

    Indulge in romantic cities, dramatic scenery and epic history on this At Leisure Austrian musical adventure.

  • Switzerland and Austria
    13 days 4 countries 10 cities

    Journey into the very heart of Europe to scenic Switzerland and Austria, plus the northern fringes of Italy.

  • Contrasts of Switzerland
    8 days 1 country 5 cities

    Discover Switzerland's mountain scenery, lakes, refined resorts and cosmopolitan cities in style.

  • Best of Switzerland with Air
    9 days 2 countries 10 cities

    Lakeside towns, the Matterhorn and the Alps are uncovered on this Country Explorer trip.

  • Prague, Vienna and Budapest
    10 days 4 countries 4 cities

    Experience the culture and traditions of three historic riverside cities with Local Specialists.

  • Imperial Europe
    10 days 5 countries 8 cities

    Explore the history and culture of Munich, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Salzburg on this trip.

  • Bohemian Highlights
    14 days 6 countries 9 cities

    Explore the historic region of Bohemia on this At Leisure trip, which visits Berlin, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna and Prague.

  • Highlights of Eastern Europe
    17 days 8 countries 12 cities

    Explore the capitals of Eastern Europe on this multi-country trip. Visit Austria, Germany, Poland and more.

  • Highlights of Austria Slovenia and Croatia
    14 days 3 countries 9 cities

    Discover some of Europe's prettiest towns and cities at a relaxed pace during this At Leisure trip.

  • Wonders of St Petersburg and Moscow
    7 days 1 country 2 cities

    This At Leisure trip visits the magnificent city of St. Petersburg and the metropolis of Moscow.

  • Best of Finland, Russia and The Baltic States
    15 days 6 countries 8 cities

    Take in Russia's must-see cities, plus Eastern Europe's hidden gems on this trip.

  • Capitals of the North
    15 days 5 countries 8 cities

    This Regional Explorer trip takes in the unique sights of five cities in northern Europe and Russia.

  • Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords
    14 days 3 countries 14 cities

    The charms and traditions of Denmark, Norway and Sweden pack every moment of this trip taken by rail, road and water.

  • Ultimate Iceland

    You'll discover the stunning scenery of this country and the warmth of the Icelanders on this Country Explorer trip.

  • Northern Lights of Iceland including the Blue Lagoon

    Witness the incredible Aurora Borealis and take in geysers, glaciers and more in Iceland.