Due to the climate and altitude, Panama affords a different pace of life and is ripe for exploring and relaxing.

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A world-famous canal, a widely acclaimed variety of coffee, a rainforest you'll explore from within and from above and a top equine stud farm – in Panama you'll experience all these things and more.

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Panama City

The capital of Panama is a forward-looking city with an agreeably small town ambience. It is perfectly located for global trade and has enticed businesses and settlers from around the world. Discover Casco Viejo, rebuilt following its ransacking by pirate Henry Morgan in 1671. The Spanish colonial district of Panana City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a charming blend of cobbled lanes and street markets selling fresh produce. Hop aboard a boat and take to the world famous Panama Canal. Travel from the Gailliard Cut, an artificial valley that slices through the Continental Divide, under Puente Centenario and through the Pedro Miguel and Miraflores Locks. Watch as the Puente de las Américas passes overhead and arrive in Panama Bay for spectacular views of the city.

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The Gamboa Rainforest lies where the Panama Canal meets the Río Chagres, far removed from the frantic lick of urban life. Take one of the many nature trails, ascend a 130 foot observation tower or travel by aerial tram while enjoying incredible views of the forest, river, canal and town. Hop aboard a motorboat and take an exhilarating journey on the river, snaking through the jungle. Stop at Puru to be greeted by the Emberá, the indigenous people of Panama, who will teach you about their customs and heritage. Return to the village for an evening of traditional music and dancing displays, and a local meal of patacones and fried fish.

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Cerro Punta and Boquete

Frequently covered in clouds and blessed with a cool climate, Cerro Punta is Panama's highest village and a perfect place to admire the nearby Volcan Baru, the country's tallest volcano. A short journey takes you to a thoroughbred breeding farm in the rolling meadows of a beautiful valley. Be the guest of the owners, who will explain how they breed their stallions as you wander the farm and admire these majestic beasts up close. Move on to nearby Boquete in the stunning Valle Escondido, where the fertile soil provides this mountain town with a rich carpet of fruit, vegetables, flowers and coffee berries. We’ll take you to a plantation where berries are hand-picked by the Ngäbe-Buglé people to create the diverse flavors and roasts that characterize the acclaimed Boquete coffee variety, and you will learn about its production from berry to cup.

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