Express Check-in

Manage your booking with the Express Check-in Service

Our Express Check-in service helps us provide you with the best possible travel experience. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and means we can deliver these great benefits:

  • A more tailored trip for you
  • No paperwork on your trip
  • Smoother hotel check-ins
  • Exclusive savings on travel goods

Collecting your basic details means we’ll be able to quickly locate you or your nominated contact if there’s an emergency.

What will I need to complete my booking?

  • Trafalgar booking reference
  • Everyone’s passport details
  • Travel insurance policy reference
  • Contact details of a nominated person

Express Check-in

Start Express Check-in by selecting the country you live in and made your booking in. Please note that the Express Check-in service is being renamed to Manage My Booking in 2015.

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