Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

  • German Christmas Markets

    Experience Germany's finest Christmas markets - from Dresden to Nuremberg - on this all-encompassing festive tour.

  • Christmas Markets of Austria Germany and Switzerland

    Discover the best of Europe's Christmas markets on this festive tour of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

  • Christmas Markets of Strasbourg and the Black Forest

    This festive journey roams from the eclectic French capital to the magic and enchantment of Germany's Black Forest.

  • Northern Lights of Iceland including the Blue Lagoon

    Witness the incredible Aurora Borealis and take in geysers, glaciers and more in Iceland.

  • Great Italian Cities
    10 days 1 country 9 cities

    Italy's greatest cities are in the spotlight on an epic discovery of Venice, Florence and the Eternal City, Rome.

  • Spain Morocco and Portugal
    16 days 3 countries 17 cities

    Discover ornate palaces, spice markets and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun on this Regional Explorer trip.

  • Prague Vienna and Budapest
    10 days 4 countries 4 cities

    Experience the culture and traditions of three historic riverside cities with Local Specialists.

  • Imperial Europe
    10 days 5 countries 9 cities

    Explore the history and culture of Munich, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Salzburg on this Regional Explorer trip.

  • Best of Greece
    8 days 1 country 9 cities

    Greece's classical culture meets modern metropolis as you pass through Athens, Olympia, Mycenae and more.

  • Best of Egypt
    9 days 1 country 8 cities

    Cruise through Egypt's ancient culture on this 10-day trip, which takes in Luxor and Aswan.

  • Egyptian Voyager
    9 days 1 country 6 cities

    Experience Cairo, the Temple of Isis, Alexandria and more as you follow the trail of the Nile on this 10-day voyage.

  • Wonders of Ancient Egypt
    12 days 1 country 8 cities

    Marvel at The Great Pyramids of Giza or capture the buzz of Cairo on this Cruise, Rail and Combos trip.

  • Jordan Experience with Dead Sea

    Explore the unique beauty of Jordan and ancient Petra in a cultural pilgrimage to biblical landmarks.

  • Best of Turkey
    14 days 1 country 11 cities

    This trip reveals all that's special about Turkey, as you explore Istanbul, Gallipoli, Ephesus, Cappadocia and more.

  • Best of Israel
    9 days 1 country 7 cities

    This Country Explorer trip visits Holy Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall, the Dead Sea, Nazareth and Tel Aviv.

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