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  • Ultimate Iceland
    10 days 1 country 9 cities

    You'll discover the stunning scenery of this country and the warmth of the Icelanders on this Country Explorer trip.

  • Castles and Manors
    8 days 1 country 10 cities

    A complete circle of Ireland including fairy tale castle and manor house stays.

  • London Explorer
    8 days 1 country 3 cities

    Get the inside story of one of the most exciting capital cities in the world on this At Leisure trip.

Featured Trips

  • Amazing Britain
    8 days 1 country 10 cities

    Take in England, Wales and Scotland on this Country Explorer trip, featuring Edinburgh and Bath.

  • Best of Italy
    13 days 1 country 16 cities

    The best of Italy's cities, lakes and coastlines are uncovered during this Country Explorer trip.

  • Great European
    27 days 10 countries 35 cities

    This exploration of Europe takes in the best of France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

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