These are the destinations that are most likely to have a white Christmas in 2021

Fluffy snow, frosted fir trees, crackling fireplaces, and mulled wine… You might be dreaming of a white Christmas – just like the one that Bing Crosby crooned about – but how likely is a white Christmas where you are? To help you plan your magical white Christmas holiday, we’ve rounded up the destinations most likely to have a white Christmas in 2021. Get ready for treetops glistening and sleigh bells in the snow… 

United States

You won’t have to go far to get your dream white Christmas in 2021. There are plenty of destinations across the USA that have a 100% chance of snow on the ground on Christmas Day. Alaska is famous for its icy landscapes, while Colorado’s ski resorts and mountain towns like Aspen and Crested Butte are sure to have plenty of snow. Other states like Montana and Utah are also a sure thing with over a 90% chance of snow on Christmas Day. We can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing now!  

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If you want a guaranteed white Christmas in 2021, look no further than Russia. The festive winter season in Russia is famously freezing, with temperatures sitting below 0°C throughout December and January. The cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg transform into a winter wonderland, with fluffy snow blanketing the rooftops, twinkling Christmas markets, delicious traditional food, and shimmering frozen lakes that are perfect for ice skating. 

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Plus, you’ve got a 65% chance that snow will fall on the big day – 25 December! And don’t worry if it doesn’t, as you’ll get another chance on 7 January – that’s when Orthodox Russians celebrate Christmas Day. 

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The Baltics

If you’re looking for surefire white Christmas destinations, you’ll find three of the best in the Baltics. Located in northeastern Europe, the Baltics include Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia – and they’re very likely to deliver a magical white Christmas in 2021. The whole region has over a 50% chance of snowfall on Christmas Day, plus there are plenty of festive events to enjoy in the major cities. 

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Explore the authentic Christmas markets and giant Christmas trees in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Indulge in gingerbread and mulled wine in the fairytale medieval centre of Tallinn, Estonia’s capital. And go ice skating and carolling in the snow in Riga, the capital of Latvia. From turreted castles and cobbled streets, to warm pubs overflowing with delicious food and wine, all your white Christmas dreams are sure to come true in the Baltics. 

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The Nordic countries are famed for their snowy December… And Finland has the best chance of them all of seeing snowfall on Christmas Day in 2021. The whole country sees snow in winter and you’ve got a 50% chance of snowfall in the capital Helsinki on 25 December. Plus, you can even visit the official home of Santa Claus near the North Pole! Head to Rovaniemi in Lapland and you’ll find the Santa Claus Village, where you can meet Santa, send a letter from Santa’s Post Office, cross the Arctic Circle, gaze at the Northern Lights, meet real reindeers, go skiing, or warm up with traditional glögg… White Christmases don’t get much better than this.

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Wondering where to go for a white Christmas? The odds are in your favour in Canada. Whether you hit up the amazing ski resorts like Whistler, discover the charming cities like Montreal, or explore magical winter scenery in the Rockies, you’re sure to wander through a blanket of snow in December. On Christmas Day, be sure to snuggle up by the fire – you’ve got a 46% chance of snow falling on 25 December.  

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If you’re dreaming of a European-inspired Christmas, head to Quebec City, where you’ll find cobbled streets lit up in fairy lights, German-inspired Christmas markets, and enchanting castles covered in snow. 

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Let it snow, let it snow… The fictional icy wonderland of Arendelle depicted in Disney’s Frozen movie was actually based on Norway – and it’s very close to the real deal! The country has a 45% chance of snow falling on 25 December, but you’ve got the very best chance of a white Christmas in 2021 when you venture above the Arctic Circle to cities like Tromsø. And while the snowy scenery is absolutely gorgeous, it’s not even the star of the show. You’ll have a great chance of witnessing the dancing Northern Lights in Norway in December, making for an unforgettable white Christmas! 

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Just like the name suggests, Iceland is certain to see snow at Christmas time… And you won’t have to leave the city to find it. Reykjavik is the northernmost capital city in the world, with almost a 40% chance of snowfall on Christmas Day, plus there’s plenty of charming markets and Christmas villages to explore. Venture outside of the city and you’ll discover Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes of waterfalls, mountains and volcanoes looking even more beautiful all dressed in white. 

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Just like its Scandinavian brothers, Sweden is sure to have a white Christmas in 2021. The temperatures drop to well below freezing, snow covers the country, and there’s a 35% chance of snow falling on Christmas Day. In Stockholm, you’ll love exploring the charming Christmas markets and royal castles… Then dig into traditional Christmas buffets while snow falls outside. Simply magical!

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Looking for a white Christmas in 2021 without the crowds? Poland is a sure bet. The country transforms into a snowy wonderland in December and there’s a 30% chance of snow falling on Christmas Day… Yet it’s often overlooked in favour of neighbouring countries like Germany and the Czech Republic. Head to the major cities like Krakow, Warsaw, Gdnask, and Wroclaw in Poland and you’ll discover beautiful Christmas markets, traditional festive cuisine, ice skating rinks, and snowflakes galore.

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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas in 2021? What are your top white Christmas destinations? Let us know in the comments below!

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