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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Trafalgar

Around May 5th each year Mexican culture is celebrated with mariachi music, costumed parades and decorated streets, while Mexican food and games like piñata add to the revelry. This annual event, Cinco de Mayo, marks Mexico’s 1862 victory against the French army. Having taken place in Puebla, the UNESCO World Heritage town is still at … read more

WineglassBay_iStock_ShanePedersen_www.istockphoto The Natural Beauty of the Tasmanian Wilderness

Tasmania’s greatest draw is undoubtedly the island’s extraordinary wildlife and dramatic scenery. Rugged mountains and cliffs contrast with the ancient rainforest and white-sand bays, with 3,000-year-old endemic trees, tumbling waterfalls and historic Aboriginal sites hidden amidst them. Then there’s the unique wildlife, like the platypus and the Tasmanian Devil. Follow our guide to seek out … read more

Wildlife in Costa Rica Where To See Wildlife In Costa Rica

With extraordinary biodiversity harboured within verdant forest, protected reserves and along its untouched coastline, Costa Rica is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. To seek out each corner of lush wilderness, follow our guide to the best places to see some incredible wildlife in Costa Rica. Sarapiquí Located near the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border, Sarapiquí lies on … read more

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