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International Women's Day: Meet Trafalgar's inspirational women

Skilled artisans. Passionate teachers. Welcoming hosts. This International Women’s Day, meet the inspirational women of Trafalgar that we are proud to be associated with. These fierce pioneers are just a handful of those that make our trips unforgettable – welcoming our guests into their workshops, kitchens and homes to share their warmth and wisdom.

Marta Cucchia – Local Specialist, Italy

Marta in her workshop at Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti.

A skilled artisan keeping the ancient art of Perugian hand-weaving alive, Marta Cucchia is the fourth generation of women in her family to run the Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti workshop. Housed in a former church, the workshop is home to giant antique looms, which Marta operates to create beautifully patterned textiles.

As part of our JoinTrafalgar initiative, powered by TreadRight, you can meet Marta at Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti and discover the fascinating craft up close, learning how your visit helps to preserve the weaving heritage.

Meet Marta on: Italy Bellissimo

Poppy Salinger – Be My Guest host, France

“Since I was a little girl my mother taught me the importance of helping women and holding hands together.” Proprietor of the idyllic La Bastide Rose guesthouse in the heart of Provence, Poppy Salinger is a woman with much wisdom and many-a story to share. Widow of Pierre Salinger, former press secretary to JFK, Poppy now welcomes Trafalgar guests to La Bastide Rose – a historic mill on the banks of the Scourge – sharing her stories and hospitality.

Guests dine on Provencal cuisine prepared with ingredients fresh from the garden. “La Bastide Rose is a happy place,” Poppy explains. “It is wonderful to share with Trafalgar guests who appreciate and enjoy what we offer.”

Meet Poppy on: Wonderful France

Diana Lenzi – Be My Guest host, Italy

Diana Lanzi with guests at Fattoria di Petroio.

A former chef who gave it all up to run her family’s Tuscan wine estate, Diana Lanzi is a woman led by her heart. Following her mother’s motto, “learn as you go” she threw herself into the business of running the Fattoria di Petroio estate, which produces the most wonderful Chianti.

Surrounded by rolling Tuscan hills, Fattoria di Petroio is unmistakably Italian and where you’ll enjoy an exclusive Be My Guest experience. Join Diana and her family for dinner, olive oil tasting and generous helpings of Chianti. You’ll dine on delicious polenta gnocchi and piles of fettunta bread while discovering the secrets of winemaking.

Meet Diana on: Wonders of Italy

Giada Landi – Be My Guest host, Italy

Giada in her kitchen at Vila Il Leccio.

As the owner of Villa Il Leccio, a successful agriturismo in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Giada Landi seeks inspiration from the strongest woman in her life. “I am inspired by my mother, a great woman who preserved our family’s legacy and lovingly passed down our family traditions from generation to generation”, Giada says.

These traditions are generously shared with Trafalgar guests during each Be My Guest experience that is hosted at Giada’s home, a 19th-century villa that she still lives in today with her own family. Prepared by Giada herself, guests can tuck into an Italian feast made from ingredients grown on the property and wash it all down with locally-produced Chianti.

“Working with Trafalgar is a fantastic opportunity to share our beautiful home, its history and the Landi family traditions with people from around the world.”  

Meet Giada on: Italian Discovery

Tomoko and Kyoko Nakamura – Be My Guest hosts, Japan

Tomoko and her mother, Kyoko at Yoshida Sanso ryokan.

With traditional Japanese ryokans operating on a matriarchal basis, it’s no surprise hosts of Yoshida Sanso ryokan, Tomoko Nakamura and her mother Kyoko understand the importance of female empowerment.

“My greatest achievement is learning English, so that I could communicate with our guests. I’m now studying French and I am also learning the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging (Ikebana), the traditional tea ceremony (Sado) and calligraphy (Shodo) from my mother,” Tomoko says.

“I love welcoming Trafalgar guests into our home and sharing traditional Japanese cuisine with them. My mother and I feel that we are contributing to the promotion of Japan and its culture.”

Meet Tomoko and Kyoko on: Splendours of Japan

Marisa – Travel Director, Europe

Growing up on Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, Marisa always knew she wanted to work in tourism.

“My mum worked at a tourist office in Brac, Croatia. As a little girl, I used to go visit her and had so much fun watching all the international travellers inquire about Croatia and our island. My father also worked as a sea captain, sailing the world and recounting us stories of faraway countries. I guess travel is in my blood,” she says.

After studying tourism and marketing at university, Marisa made the choice to veer from a typical ‘desk job’ in travel and instead, show guests “these beautiful countries in person”. Over two decades later, Marisa continues to be one of Trafalgar’s leading Travel Directors and a keen advocate for women following their dreams and carving out a career in travel.

“If men can do it, so can we!”

Follow Marisa on Instagram: marisa.lukovich

To meet some of our inspirational female Be My Guest hosts, Local Specialists and Travel Directors around the world, head to our website for your dose of holiday inspiration. Have you had the pleasure of meeting any of our featured women? We’d love to hear from you below!

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