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They spend most of their time globe-trotting and documenting their amazing stories for us to read, so it’s safe to say these travel bloggers know a thing or two about packing. But when push comes to shove, what is that one essential travel item they couldn’t leave home without? Here, they reveal their most treasured travel possessions.

Travel Bloggers, Oksana & Max Instagram @drinkteatravel

Essential travel item drinkteatravel
“As travellers with an eco-conscious mind set, we don’t go anywhere without our reusable water bottles. Two years ago, we invested in high quality, double walled Hydro Flask bottles that keep cold water icy cold for 12 hours and hot water scorching hot for six hours, and have been traveling with them ever since. They are our perfect companions on any day, whether we’re exploring a new city, hanging out on the beach, or hiking in the mountains.”

Travel blogger, Marek Bron  Indie Traveller Instagram @indietravlr

Essential travel item Indietravlr
“A buff is a versatile piece of cloth headwear that I now take with me on any trips that are adventurous or in very sunny destinations. It looks like just a regular piece of cloth but it’s stretchable and breathable, and it can be used in countless ways including as a beanie, scarf, neck warmer, sweatband, or eye mask (for when I’m trying to sleep on a bus or plane). It’s very packable and has proven its worth in so many situations.”

Travel writer, Odette Twitter @dette_p

Essential travel item dette_p
My #360fly action camera. Why? Because I can share my photos and videos in 360° without missing anything. All-weather proof makes it perfect.”

Travel blogger, Josh Bender Instagram @travelwithbender

Essential travel item travelwithbender
“My go-to travel item is my smartphone – a Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s everything – my note keeper, map, flight schedule, diary, hotel booking record, currency converter, translator, flashlight, camera and more. I’d rather leave the hotel without my shoes, than without my smartphone. It’s my connection to the outside world.”

Travel & lifestyle blogger, Amy Deverson Instagram @amydeverson

Essential travel item amyxdeverson
“I can’t travel without a good book – perfect for long journeys, waiting in airports, beaches, pools and quiet nights! 🌞”

Travel bloggers, Meg & Nik Instagram @withasuitcase

Essential travel item withasuitcase
“Our favourite travel essential is the ever-reliable and versatile Osprey backpack. 😃 We love this backpack because it is compact yet spacious (goodbye cabin baggage problems!) and helps us organise effectively, too. Never left home without it!”

Travel enthusiast, Lisa Frew Yaggie Twitter @Lafyaggie

Essential travel item Lafyaggie
“I can’t travel without three items: eBags, a wrist wallet and a battery operated fan/mister – this saved my life in 115 degrees Fahrenheit at a jam-packed Versailles!”

Travel & food writer, Renee Sklarew Twitter @DCWriterMom

Essential travel item DCWriterMom
“I’ve always got my camera, Canon 6D @CanonUSAimaging, because I know I’m coming home with great photos.”

Travel writer, Tim Leffel Instagram @globetrots

Essential travel item Tim-Leffel
“I strongly believe in the old saying that all you really need for travel is money and a passport. The rest you can work out after arrival. But I do tend to travel with a few things on every trip, and since I’m a bald guy, one item on my head or in my suitcase is a sun hat. I have a whole collection of them, but I usually pack something from Tilley. Their hats have a lifetime guarantee because they’re really well made. There’s a little pouch in the top where you can store money or credit cards in a safe hidden place and most have good ventilation so your head doesn’t get too hot.”

Holiday planner, Emma Cakmak Instagram @apassporttotravel

Essential travel item Passport-to-travel
“My number 1 item I cannot travel without is a universal adapter to be able to charge and use my devices in multiple countries as well as the ability to charge my camera, phone and tablet all at the same time.”

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