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Must-see sights

You’ll enjoy that extra special treatment when you skip the lines at must-see sights and uncover secrets with your Local Specialist. Here are just six of the hundreds you can experience.

Large St Peter's Basilica Cathedral Architecture Detail Fountain 527838145

Italy's Vatican

On your stroll through the Vatican with a Local Specialist by your side, you’ll know it’s so much more than a visit – it’s a deep dive into history, culture and stories. You’ll learn about the role of the Vatican, Pope’s past and present, see and marvel at Michelangelo's genius in the Sistine Chapel. Experience on Best of Italy, Best of Italy & Greece, Wonders of Italy.

Edinburgh castle

Scotland’s Edinburgh Castle

Ascend Castle Rock with your Local Specialist, who’ll guide you through the iconic Edinburgh Castle and share stories about its rich history. As you explore, you'll marvel at the castle's stunning backdrop. Spend your time delving into the city's culture and enjoying warm Scottish hospitality. Experience on Best of Scotland, Britain & Ireland Panorama, Castles & Kilts.

Large Matterhorn And And Grass Near Lake At The Morning Time Beautiful Natural Landscape In The Switzerland Mountains Landscape At The Summer Time 1019586118

Switzerland’s Matterhorn Mountain

You’ll zip through the Alps with your included seats on the world-famous Glacier Express, past lakes and glaciers to the resort town of Zermatt, at the foothills of Matterhorn Mountain. To top it off, we’ll make sure you don’t miss your chance to ride Europe's highest cable car and see the snow-capped mountains. Experience on Contrasts of Switzerland, Switzerland and Austria

Large Sunset Grand Canyon National Park Arizona USA

USA’s Grand Canyon

Take your travels to the next level learning about the UNESCO-listed Grand Canyon’s history with the best in the business, Local Specialist and Geologist, ‘Canyon Tim’. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, you’ll thrive on his knowledge and see how the Grand Canyon offers one epic vista after the next. Experience on Scenic Parks ExplorerFive Epic National ParksColourful Trails of the Southwest

Large Ta Prohm Angkor Wat Cambodia The Ancient Temple Of Ta Prohm At Angkor Wat, Cambodia Where Roots Of The Jungle Trees Intertwine With The Masonry Of The 961215714

Cambodia's Ta Prohm

You’ll feel like an archaeologist as your Local Guide expertly leads you through the towers, courtyards and foliage-covered corridors of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You might know it as the location for the film ‘Tomb Raider', and the ruins of the Buddhist temples you’ll see are truly memorable. Experience on Vietnam and the Temples of Angkor, Thailand and the Temples of Angkor, Vietnam & Cambodia Uncovered.

Large 0050AFRI2020

Tanzania’s Safari Game Reserves

You’ll discover the unique landscape of Tarangire National Park, and hear what sets it apart from the rest of Tanzania. Famed for its exceptional elephant sightings, you’ll know you’re in the best possible company as your Driver Guide skillfully locates vast herds, and shares their intel on the species that call it home. You’ll never forget this encounter with these majestic giants. Experience on African Adventure Safari.

Partha and family on tour

"We felt joy"

"We truly experienced the heart and soul of the Spanish people, their food and their culture. The purpose of travel is to enrich your life by experiencing the broader world. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our fellow travellers on this incredible journey, and returning home with memories of a lifetime. "


- Partha G., Best of Spain

Culture & heritage

You’ll learn how your Trafalgar tour is so much more than sightseeing – it's about tasting, smelling, and feeling the pulse of the destination you’re visiting. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve been a part of it for a moment in time. Here are just a few of the local cultural moments you’ll never forget. 

Large Flamenco Dance In Seville 134433137 (1)

Watch a Flamenco show in Seville, Spain

You can’t help but feel the passion, rhythm and magic of an Andalusian flamenco show. Over dinner and drinks, let the emotion wash over you as the dancers skillfully tell stories through dance and singing, expressing joy and celebration to sorrow and more. Optional Experience on Best of Spain, Highlights of Spain and Portugal

Large Sydney Opera House In Sydney Harbor With Downtown Skyline, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 103455489

Relax on a sunset cruise in Sydney, Australia

You’ll cast off on a Sunset Harbour Cruise to watch Sydney’s icons change from day to night. Your views come to life from expansive windows or spacious decks as you dine and drink over views of Circular Quay, Shark Island, stunning waterfront homes, and iconic landmarks like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Experience on Contrasts of Australia.

Large Peruvian Woman Weaving Near Colca Canyon, Peru 186801670

Meet a Quechua master weaver in the Sacred Valley, Peru

You’ll meet Nilda, who’ll share her knowledge on traditional Peruvian weaving, its cultural significance, and contribute to its preservation. This MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience makes a difference in helping to preserve and promote traditional pre-Columbian weaving techniques in the 21st century. Your visit also directly supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. Experience on Highlights of Peru.

Large Lanterns And Colorful Lights On River In Hoi An, Vietnam 666691566

Craft a lantern or go on a fishing tour in Hoi An, Vietnam

You have the option to get hands on at a workshop and make your very own lucky lantern, or go fishing with the locals in Hoi An. Whether you choose to create a piece of art to invite luck and happiness into your home or cast your net wide for the catch of the day, there’s no more local way to experience day-to-day life in Vietnam. Experience on Highlights of Vietnam.

DIC Singapore's Chinatown Chinese Immigrants History

Step into the heart of Chinatown, Singapore

A tale of resilience and the contribution of Chinese immigrants to Singapore awaits you. In the company of a Local Specialist, you’ll hear their insights into the history of Chinatowns vibrant streets, where red and gold buildings signal the city’s diverse culture. You’ll meet a talented Chinese Calligrapher and see them in, capped off with dinner at one of the neighbourhood's restaurants. Experience on Highlights of Singapore and Malaysia

Large Bedouin Man In Wadi Rum Tent 469937698

Dine under the stars with a Bedouin tribe, Jordan

Escape the ordinary and dine under the star-studded desert sky with a Bedouin Tribe at their traditional camp. You’ll feast the Bedouin way, sharing authentic specialties that are full of flavour and drinking sweet tea, while they enlighten you with stories of their heritage. Experience on Jordan Experience.

Emery and Norma Foote

"Thanks Trafalgar"

"We fell in love with the Isle of Capri. We always enjoy the local specialist tours because they share so much about the area that we would not learn by just touring it ourselves. The amazing scenery, wonderful accommodations and tours made this a very memorable trip that was fun and stress-free."


- Emery and Norma F., Best of Italy


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