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Our host Jonathan Holburn

One of the things our guests tell us they love most is our Travel Directors, who help bring every destination to life and each day better than the last. We couldn’t agree more. So, who better to host the journey around Europe from home than them! Joining our HQ team from his current base in the glorious French Riviera is the legendary Jonathan Holburn, Travel Director extraordinaire on our Paris Explorer trip – he’ll be your ultimate guide on what awaits on your next trip.


Catherine Fulvio

2019 Emmy-nominated chef, Catherine will have you instantly enchanted. From her kitchen at Glenaly House, Ballyknocken Farm, she shares her grandmother’s recipe for soda bread, with a signature twist.


Poppy Salinger

Poppy and son Emmanuel open their home, the Provencal La Bastide Rose to give you a glimpse of what awaits, including her homage to her late husband, Pierre Salinger, Press Secretary of JFK.


Marta Cuccia

One of Italy’s last remaining Renaissance weavers and interior designer, you’ll take look inside her stunning Perugian atelier as she shares how she crafts her creations by hand (or foot) on 500-year-old looms.


Alan Maxwell

Go inside the world of Guinness at St. James’ Gate, the home of Guinness, Ireland’s most beloved drink. More than just a tasty beverage, you’ll learn the art of the pour at the place where it all began.


Fergus & Gregor Wood

You’ll be hard pressed to fine more passionate Scotsmen than farmer and son combo, Fergus and Gregor, as they open their home, Ledard Farm, for a tour and a tune on the shores of Loch Ard.


Anna Baj-Macario

Known for its organic wine, Castello Del Trebbio is one of the most culturally significant places in Tuscany. Owner Anna will teach you all about makes a great wine, so don’t forget to have your bottle and glass ready!
Italy Colosseum


History, food and iconic can only our most loved destination – Italy. With more tours here than any other country we visit, we can’t wait to say ‘ciao!’ to its glorious shores again. Tune in to hear stories from our favourite locals and learn more about why we’re the right choice for your next trip. 

Ireland stone wall


Join us and a few of our local friends from the Emerald Isle as we remind ourselves why there is nothing quite like the Irish to set the soul souring. Featuring dramatic cliffs, green hills, magical tales and colourful communities who call this remarkable place home, we can’t wait to welcome you. Sláinte!

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