Live The Good Life in Asia
Enormous in size and loaded with culture, Asia is a glorious melting pot of ancient customs and extreme modernity. From Japan’s candy-pink cherry blossoms in full bloom at spring, to the floating markets of Vietnam where exotic fruits sit side-by-side with local handicrafts, the orient is a feast for the senses that has attracted travellers for centuries. Connect to the heart of Asia with our unique JoinTrafalgar experiences on every tour, where you have the chance to help support local communities and give back to the places we visit. It’s just one of the ways we show you the real soul of Asia.
See how only Trafalgar gets you to the heart of the places you go
Asia at a glance
Just like its food, Asia is vibrant, enigmatic and inspiring all at once. Rural villages offer a glimpse into local life, while idyllic beaches and mountain ranges act as the perfect antidote to frenetic cities. Get to know Asia through the eyes of our Local Specialists on a range of unique Trafalgar experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.
Largest country
Smallest country
"A short walk through the narrow lanes in Old Delhi is a great experience. You get to see the daily activities of the inhabitants, like people sitting at a tea stall and chatting about political affairs, or devotees offering prayers in a small temple for the neighbourhood. It's very insightful."
Pankaj, Travel Director
Hand-crafted Asia experiences that you won’t find anywhere else? That’s The Good Life.
From the icons to the unexpected, get those ‘pinch me’ moments through a series of Trafalgar highlights in Asia other travellers may never know about or have access to.

Discover The Good Life in Asia

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