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multi-centre holidays ways to go

With so many incredible destinations to choose from, why stop at one? If you’ve got a big travel bucket list and want to experience it all, our multi centre holidays are perfect for you. Whether you'd like to combine the great outdoors with big cities across the USA, explore a region like Scandinavia or the Baltics, or even whirl around a whole continent like Europe, we’ll take you on the multi destination trip of your dreams.
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European Whirl End Paris

4.7 1682 reviews

From £2,515 Was £3,015


  1. Austria


  2. Belgium


  3. France


  4. Germany

    Boppard Karlsruhe

  5. Italy

    Florence Mestre Rome Venice

  6. Netherlands


  7. Switzerland


  8. United Kingdom


  9. Vatican City

    Vatican City

European Traveller

4.7 1115 reviews

From £1,725


  1. France

    Calais Paris

  2. Italy

    Florence Mestre Rome Venice

  3. Switzerland


  4. United Kingdom


Bohemian Highlights

4.7 728 reviews

From £2,830


  1. Austria


  2. Czech Republic


  3. Germany

    Berlin Frankfurt Offenbach

  4. Hungary


  5. Poland

    Krakow Warsaw

  6. Slovakia

    Banská Bystrica

Switzerland and Austria

4.7 516 reviews

From £3,375


  1. Austria

    Innsbruck Salzburg Vienna

  2. Italy


  3. Liechtenstein


  4. Switzerland

    Chexbres Lucerne Montreux St Moritz Zermatt Zurich

Best of Holland Belgium and Luxembourg end Brussels

4.5 605 reviews

From £2,494


  1. Belgium

    Bruges Brussels

  2. Luxembourg


  3. Netherlands

    Amsterdam Delft

Spain, Morocco and Portugal

4.4 1310 reviews

From £2,750


  1. Morocco

    Casablanca Fez Marrakech Tangier

  2. Portugal


  3. Spain

    Granada Madrid Salamanca Seville Tarifa Toledo Torremolinos

Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords

4.6 1084 reviews

From £3,325


  1. Denmark

    Copenhagen Hirtshals Randers

  2. Norway

    Bergen Flam Geiranger Kristiansand Leikanger Lillehammer Lom Oslo Stavanger Voss

  3. Sweden


Best of Italy and Greece

4.7 251 reviews

From £2,695


  1. Greece

    Athens Delphi Igoumenitsa Kalambaka

  2. Italy

    Ancona Florence Mestre Rome Venice

  3. Vatican City

    Vatican City

All you need to know about Multi-Centre Holidays

How do I plan a multi center holiday?

The easiest way to plan a multi destination holiday is to first pick your dream destinations that tick off all your bucket list travel goals. Check out our multi centre holidays for inspiration, then all you have to do is choose your favourite Trafalgar trip, book your flights, pack your bags, and you’re on your way to explore the world!

Is twin city and multi centre holiday the same?

A multi centre and twin centre holiday are very similar. The only difference is that a twin centre or twin city holiday will cover two spectacular destinations in one trip, rather than multiple countries. Some of our favourite two centre holidays take you to Switzerland and Austria, or Italy and Greece, or even Down Under to hit both Australia and New Zealand in one special trip.

How can I travel to multiple cities in one trip?

Our multi centre holidays take you across multiple cities and countries, like our trips to Latin America that hit Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil in one iconic holiday, and our tours to Africa that take in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. There’s also our European blockbuster trips that can see you exploring over 10 countries and more than 30 cities on one trip!

How to book a multi destination flight?

The best way to book a multi destination flight is to speak to the expert team at Trafalgar. We know all the most efficient flight routes and can customise your flights to suit your multi centre holiday. Just let us know where you're dreaming of visiting, and we'll put together the best itinerary for your trip.

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