Crystalline waters, powdery white sands, technicolor coral reefs and fascinating characters lay the foundations for a vacation in paradise.

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Heavenly islands full of heritage

Immerse yourself in the unique heritage of these heavenly islands. Enjoy the traditional festivities of a Hawaiian party, swim with tropical sea life, visit the shrine of a sunken World War II battleship and turn a cacao bean into your very own chocolate bar.

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Hawaii's 'Big Island', Kona is the perfect place to start your Pacific island adventure. On the western shoreline lies Kealakekua Bay, the site of Captain James Cook's first foray onto the island in 1778. Further up the coast is the historic town of Kailua-Kona, where you’ll find the Kona Hawaii Temple, an elegantly simple structure made from concrete and marble which dazzles white. Just a little further up the same stretch of the coast is Kaloko-Honokōhau Park, located in the midst of hot, craggy lava. Here you’ll discover large wetlands that host a wide variety of fish and fowl, including the Hawaiian duck.

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It's not for nothing that Maui is dubbed the Magic Isle. It’s the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is made up of sandy white beaches, expanses of aquamarine sea and lots of natural greenery. Get up close to a wide variety of exotic animals from reptiles to mammals and sea creatures at the Marine Life center. Our marine naturalist Local Specialist will reveal the secrets of these fascinating creatures. Experience the culture and spectacle of island life at our Luau Highlight Dinner, where you’ll be spellbound by Polynesian drums and traditional dancers.

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On the northernmost point of the Hawaiian archipelago you will find Oahu, the third largest of the islands and the most developed. The state capital, Honolulu, hugs the glorious coastline and you are never far from the mountain ranges and volcanic peaks that encroach upon the city. There is much to see here including the royal palace of ʻIolani – the only one on American territory. And Kawaiahaʻo Church, constructed with coral from a nearby reef. From Pearl Harbor, take a boat to a memorial that is etched in the psyche of the American people. Here you’ll find the shrine to the 1,177 servicemen who lost their lives aboard the USS Arizona, the wreckage of which still lies beneath the waves. Our Local Specialist will join you aboard the USS Missouri for an exclusive tour of a battleship that was commissioned for war in 1944.

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They say good things are worth waiting for - and that's certainly true of Kauai, Hawaii. More than six million years of coastal erosion have had a hand in sculpting and shaping the island as it is today, with emerald mountain ranges, dramatic waterfalls and sea caves all part of its make-up. Offshore is just as naturally intriguing, thanks to sea turtles, wild dolphins and wales waiting to be discovered.

When you join us in Kauai you'll experience more than the island's natural wonders. For example, one evening you'll take a stroll to Fern Grotto, where Hawaiian dancers will be waiting to perform traditional songs and hula for you.

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Hawaii Island

From black-sand beaches to snow-covered peaks, it's not hard to grasp why Hawaii Island is named 'Big Island'. You'll find all but two of the world's climates within Hawaii Island's shores, so one day you could be in the midst of Martian-like desert and the next among lush jungle.

Come with us to Hawaii's Big Island and you'll experience its variable landscapes, as well as an in-depth insight into the wonders of its volcanic nature. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is home to the world's largest volcano, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea, which spews lava all the way down to the sea.

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