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12 photos that will make you visit Spain

Recently updated on July 7th, 2023 at 11:15 am

Still mulling over your perfect destination to escape to this year? Take inspiration from our collection of eye-candy, which should quickly elevate Spain to the top of your list. From Moorish architectural treasures to tantalising local delicacies, fire up your wanderlust with these stunning Spanish snaps.

1 Park Guell, Barcelona

Gaudi’s psychedelic garden of wonders, Park Güell is a vibrant green space brimming with mosaic dragons, crazy columned halls and quirky Modernist buildings. Its trippy architecture has to be seen to be believed.

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2 Alcázar, Seville

The finest example of Moorish architecture in Spain, the sprawling Alcázar complex is all stately rooms, pretty courtyards and striking baths. You may recognise it as the setting for Dorne in Game of Thrones!

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3 Mouth-watering paella

Paella is the dish that truly captures the essence of Spain. Freshly caught seafood and tenderly cooked rice, all enlivened with smoky red paprika, which gives it its inviting scarlet hue.

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4 Gran Via, Madrid

Running through the heart of Madrid, Gran Via is the street that never sleeps. Alive with theatres, lively bars and stylish boutiques, be sure to spend an evening here when visiting the Spanish city.

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5 Pamplona

While famous for its Running of the Bulls festival, Pamplona is a delight in its own right. Its candy-coloured, historical streets are what Instagram was made for. Explore Pamplona’s ancient city walls and Plaza del Castillo.

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6 Mijas

A picture perfect, white-washed Spanish village, Mijas is a quaint Andalusian coastal town close to Granada. Get lost wandering around its narrow alleyways and bask in the view of the Alboran Sea.

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7 Mezquita Cathedral, Córdoba

In the warm evening sun, Córdoba’s buildings glow a delightful honey hue. An Islamic centre in the Middle Ages, Córdoba is packed with Moorish-Hispanic architecture including the majestic Mezquita.

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8 Toledo

Perched high on a hilltop, the ancient imperial city of Toledo offers views as gorgeous as the city itself. Known as the ‘city of three cultures’, Toledo’s awash with pretty mosques, Gothic cathedrals and stunning synagogues.

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9 Seaside sangria

Bottoms up! What better way to unwind by the gently lapping shore on the Costa del Sol than reclining with an ice-cold jug of sangria? The iconic Spanish drink features rich red wine topped up with refreshing orange juice and chunks of fruit.

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10 Plaza España, Seville

The exquisite, intricate tilework of Seville’s Plaza España makes it one of the most photogenic spots in Spain. With half a mile of tiled fountains, pavilions and ponds, it’s an irresistible place to while away a lazy afternoon.

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11 Granada

Framed by towering Cypress trees and dizzying Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is an ancient fortified city that begs to be explored. Wander around its winding lanes, under horseshoe arches as the aroma of spices wafts from market stalls.

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12 Tasty tapas

Spain Photos tapas---©-TrafalgarCan’t decide what to eat? Order a little bit of everything! Tapas culture is a big deal in Spain, so dive into fresh olives, Manchego cheese, spicy chorizo and local fruit. We can’t think of a more appealing photo.

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Image credits : Alcazar © iStock/tupungato. Pamplona © iStock/EvBuh. Sangria © iStock/stockstudioX. Madrid & Toledo © iStock/SeanPavonePhoto. Cordoba © iStock/Blueplace. Granada © iStock/syolacan. Paella © iStock/thesomegirl. Barcelona © iStock/TomasSereda. Mijas © iStock/amoklv. Plaza Espana © iStock/nevarpp. Tapas © Trafalgar Travel.

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