Europe & Britain

Ready for the Europe trip of a lifetime? When you travel Europe & Britain, you’ll be amazed by all the diverse landscapes and cultures, from the romantic cities of France to the wild Northern Lights in Scandinavia, from the stunning Swiss Alps to the canals of Venice to the vibrant markets of Istanbul. Get inspired for your Europe holidays with The Real Word, the travel and lifestyle magazine powered by Trafalgar.

Europe & Britain | Destination Guides

These are the 13 best places to visit in Italy

Europe & Britain | Destination Guides

These are the 15 best places to visit in Spain

Europe & Britain | Destination Guides

10 spots to visit when travelling to Scotland in September

Africa & The Middle East | Travel Tips & News

Haven't booked for 2024 yet? Experts say September is the best month for travel

Europe & Britain | Destination Guides

Italy in September: weather, reasons to visit and things to do

Europe & Britain | Travel Tips & News

What to know if you're traveling to Switzerland in September

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