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Haven't booked for 2024 yet? Experts say September is the best month for travel

Recently updated on May 31st, 2024 at 09:52 am

If you’re still dreaming of getting away this year, you’re in luck. With fewer crowds and lower prices, September marks a wonderful time to travel. So we dive into just what makes this month such a sweet spot for travel.

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Perks of traveling in September

sun rays over Cape Town South Africa

You’ll save money

Come the end of August, many people in the Northern Hemisphere are dreading going back to school and work. But your adventures don’t have to end here. In fact, your travels are about to get a whole lot better as September is the best month for travel if you want to have a great time and save some money.

The peak travel season runs from June to August, with travel prices at their highest during these months. But if you wait until September, you’ll travel in the shoulder season when most airlines, hotels, and tour operators drop their prices and reduce rates… So you’ll get more bang for your buck. 

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white sand blue ocean beach Western Australia

You’ll enjoy fewer crowds

September is the perfect time to make the world yours… Without the crowds. While everyone loves to travel in the warm summer holiday months, the downside is just that – everyone travels. If you prefer a quieter holiday, plan your escape for September when everyone else goes back to school and work. 

You won’t have to wait in line long to see icons like the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican or climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris and you can forget about battling the crowds at theme parks like Disneyland in California and Orlando. Since you won’t have to wait in queues, you’ll have more time to tick off all your bucket list items, while keeping your cool every step of the way. 

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waterfall autumn forest Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia

You’ll score great weather

Another reason why you should travel in autumn in September is the amazing weather. Sure, you don’t always get the blazing sunshine of summer, but you do get mild and warm days that are perfect for exploring. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the kinds of weather you can expect around the world when you travel in September… 

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Savvy travellers know that Europe is at its best in September. Summer is ebbing away and autumn is unravelling its beauty, meaning you’ll get warm weather and gorgeous scenery. In some places, like the Mediterranean, it’s even still warm enough to swim at the beaches. And if you head to Scandinavia towards the end of September, you’ll even have a chance at spotting the spellbinding Northern Lights

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sun rays through autumn forest

North America

North America puts on a spectacular show in September. The magnificent red, orange and gold autumn foliage comes out to play and it’s all about seasonal ingredients, fine wines, and cosy evenings. Towards the South and the West Coast, you’ll get beautiful, warm weather that’s ideal for exploring the natural wonders of these regions. 

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South America

While the Northern Hemisphere experiences autumn in September, it’s springtime in the Southern Hemisphere. South America lights up with floral blooms in September, meaning you’ll enjoy mild dry weather across the continent. If you’re heading down to Patagonia, you’ll watch the ice slowly melting and the temperatures warming up. 

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road through snowy mountains Argentina

Africa and the Middle East

When you travel to Africa and the Middle East in September, you’ll hit a perfect balancing act where you’ll avoid the blistering heat of the dry season but also dodge the downpours of the wet season. South Africa is moving into springtime, perfect for wildlife-watching, hiking, and flower spotting, while Northern countries like Egypt and Morocco are at their cooler best in September.

Australia and New Zealand

Head Down Under in September and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful spring month. Both Australia and New Zealand are beginning to warm up after winter but you’ll still get some diverse experiences during this time. Head to New Zealand at the start of September and you’ll still be able to ski in the fluffy snow. Then hop over to the west coast of Australia around mid-September and you’ll likely find the weather warm enough to swim at the beach. Now that’s balance.

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What do you think is the best month for travel? Let us know in the comments below…

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