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12 Things You Never Knew About Niagara Falls

Recently updated on January 2nd, 2019 at 03:09 pm

It’s the most famous waterfall in the world, but Niagara Falls has plenty of other fun facts you may not have ever heard of. Discover more about this exhilarating natural wonder and we guarantee you’ll want to visit.

Three is the Magic Number

Niagara Falls isn’t just one waterfall – it’s three: The Horseshoe (or Canadian), the American, and the Bridal Veil Falls. All three begin at the Niagara River in Ontario, but the falls straddle the American-Canadian border.

Blink and You’ll Miss Them

Scientists believe that with the current rate of erosion Niagara Falls will be gone in about 50,000 years, so hurry up and visit!

Danger, High Voltage!

The Niagara Power Plant generates 2.4 million kilowatts of power and is the fourth largest hydroelectric power plant in America. The Falls have been generating power since 1881, and by 1896 the plant was transmitting electricity 26 miles away to Buffalo.

Tourist Approved

Every year, Niagara Falls gets an astonishing 30 million visitors although this figure increases each year. Many opt for a quick snap, while others choose to take the famous Maid of the Mist boat tour which passes through the Falls’ mist.

Don’t Look Down…

The very first person to cross Niagara Falls by tightrope did so in 1859. It took another 116 years for the next person to repeat the same feat in 2012. Daredevil Nik Wallenda completed this terrifying challenge after getting permission from both the American and Canadian governments – though he had to carry his passport for when he reached the Canadian side!

Fools Beware

Some have attempted stunts, going over the falls in kayaks, barrels and even a jet ski, though most sadly perished. Curiously enough, the first person to ever go over in a barrel was an elderly music teacher called Annie Taylor. On her 63rd birthday she went over in a custom-made barrel. She survived to tell the tale.

Niagara FallsCamera Ready

If you stand on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls you’re almost always guaranteed to see a rainbow. Probably one of the most camera-worthy opportunities there is.

It’s the World’s Highest Wate- Oh, Wait!

Contrary to popular belief, Niagara Falls isn’t actually the highest waterfall in the world. There are about 500 waterfalls across the planet that rank taller than NF. It’s simply the sheer volume of water that makes it so impressive.

A-List Attraction

Countless films have been shot at Niagara Falls including Superman II, Pirates of the Caribbean and 1953’s Niagara starring Marylyn Monroe.

Niagara FallsSwimming Downstream

Surprisingly, fish manage to travel down the Falls with a 90% survival rate thanks to a cushion of foam at the bottom.

Speedy Waters

They’re not the highest waterfalls, but Niagara Falls is the fastest moving waterfall on earth. Just above the falls in the Upper Rapids, the speed of the water can reach 68 kilometres (41 miles) per hour.

Love is in the, err, Falls

Many would think a deserted beach getaway would be the most popular honeymoon destination, but Niagara Falls is in fact one of the world’s favourite locations for newlyweds. There must be something in the water…

If you’d like to visit the awe-inspiring majesty of Niagara Falls, click here to see how you can experience them for yourself on a Trafalgar tour.

Image Credits: Main image &Dusk © iStock/Orchidpoet. Falls at night © iStock/DenisTangeyJr. Rainbow © iStock/LukeAbrahams. 

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