5 magical experiences you can have in Morocco with Trafalgar

Visiting Morocco can feel like stepping into the pages of the ‘Arabian Nights’ themselves. After all, where else can you find such extravagant architecture, rich culture, and a zealous passion for music and dance – set against the rippling backdrop of the Sahara desert? With endless once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you can understand why the country has become such a bucket-list destination in recent years. Not sure where to start? Here’s 5 incredible experiences you can share with Trafalgar.

The Grand Gate of Baba el-Mansour

In the bustling city of Meknes, stands one of the most majestic gateways in North Africa – the gate of Baba el-Mansour. Created from the marble ruins of a Roman city and ornately decorated in Islamic patterns, it’s difficult not to be awestruck by its unique beauty. And whilst you can’t pass through the front door of the gate, don’t forget to pass through the left passage, where you can fully admire the decorative zellij tiles.

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 Baba el-Mansour Morocco experiences

The High Atlas Mountains

Views as gorgeous as those found in the High Atlas Mountains should be experienced at both day and night. That’s why our trip here begins with an overnight stay, giving you the chance to gaze at the clear star-studded Moroccan skies. After a peaceful night’s sleep, we’ll then head off to the famed location of Ouarzazate. Here, at the gateway to the Sahara desert, you’ll be able to admire the rugged landscapes and ochre-coloured architecture that featured in some of Hollywood’s greatest hits, including ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and ‘Gladiator’.

High Atlas Mountains

The Sahara Desert

Witness one of the most fearsome and magnificent natural wonders of the world – the Sahara Desert. To get there, we’ll be taking an evening drive via jeep, arriving just as the sun begins to set. If you think you’ve seen a gorgeous sunset, think again because you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a sunset in the Sahara. The rich amber glow across the sand dunes has a beauty that is nearly impossible to capture on camera! Past sunset you’ll also have the opportunity to admire, and even wear, the traditional Berber headdress of the local tribesman, used to protect them from the harsh landscapes of the Sahara.

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Sahara Desert at sunset Morocco experiences

The Majorelle Gardens

An oasis of lush greens and sapphire blues, the Majorelle Gardens is a botanical garden set in the heart of Marrakesh. First designed by the French orientalist artist, Jacques Majorelle in 1923, you’ll find the gardens lavishly decorated with marble pools and winding pathways. A slice of calm away from the bustling city, you’ll have plenty to explore as you wander around this two and a half acre paradise; from tranquil bamboo groves, to tropical banana trees.

The Majorelle Gardens Morocco experiences

Traditional Arabian dinner and entertainment

Lose yourself in the shimmering colours and spirited music of a live belly dancing performance, a traditional dance with a history that spans over 5,000 years. On this night, you’ll also be able to enjoy some of Morocco’s most famous dishes – tagine and couscous – in the magnificent setting of a traditional riad. The perfect end to a magical adventure in Morocco.

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Belly dance Morocco experiences


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