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6 yummy lunch restaurants in Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

Recently updated on April 30th, 2024 at 05:51 pm

We’ve done the legwork for you and found the best Vaduz restaurants, cafés and bars in little Liechtenstein’s even littler capital for lunch, whether it’s haute cuisine with a view or a quick bite you’re after. 

Sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland, the tiny principality of Liechtenstein may be short on territory. But, with no fewer than two Michelin-star restaurants in its teeny-tiny capital alone, its foodie scene is quite literally fit for royalty. While it’s unlikely the billionaire prince will be making an appearance during lunch, you can enjoy a meal of distinction at any of our favourite Vaduz restaurants.

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Ready to take a bite out of our favourite Vaduz restaurants, cafés and bars?

Landscape of Vaduz

But first, what’s likely to be on the lunch menu? Despite its diminutive size, Liechtenstein enjoys a distinctively simple and hearty traditional cuisine.

Stodgy Käsknöpfle (macaroni cheese) and creamy Ribel (cornmeal porridge) once fuelled the previous rural lifestyle of Liechtensteiners. Today, you’re more likely to find broccoli purée and roasted croquettes on the menu, as Vaduz restaurants, cafés and bars cater to the cosmopolitan taste buds of their international patrons.  

The Liechtensteiners also think nothing of borrowing from their neighbours. Emmentaler Brätschnitzel, quatro formaggio pizza and sizzling Rösti all make an appearance on tables across the city.

This may well have more to do with the principality’s up-and-coming status as an attractive international investment centre, than growing demand from tourists. Until recently, it was actually the least-visited country in Europe.

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Our favourite Vaduz restaurants, cafés and bars

1. Restaurant Torkel

View of Vaduz

One of two Michelin-star Vaduz restaurants, Torkel lies in the heart of the Herawingert Princely Vineyard.

While head chef Ivo Berger wows his lunch patrons with local, international and seasonal favourites, the star of the show is indeed the epic view of the vineyard, castle and Alpine landscape.  

Open for lunch from Tuesdays to Fridays, Restaurant Torkel itself was once the medieval-era main wine press room. Today, the award-winning eatery’s wine list (featuring over 500 different European wines) is second only to the staggering views you’ll witness while dining on its outside terrace (if you’re lucky enough to grab a spot, that is). 

And, firmly rooted in the centre of this princely lunch spot is none other than the earthly muse after which the restaurant is named – one of Europe’s largest Torkel trees.

2. Restaurant Marée

Chef showing knife skills at Vaduz restaurants, cafés and bars

Don’t let the location of this restaurant fool you. It may be a ‘hotel’ restaurant, but this Michelin-star favourite offers astonishing Alpine, city and river views. If you’re lucky enough to be seated in its enchanting Eagle’s Nest, of course.

Located at the Park Hotel Sonnenhof and open for lunch every day except Saturdays, Restaurant Marée offers lunch patrons a great value two-course price-fixe lunch. Chef Hubertus Real is a fan of classic cuisine, but ventures off the beaten culinary path ever so often with a surprisingly modern twist. Paired with a chilled Liechtenstein Riesling, you can’t go wrong.

3. Bistro

Waitress serving food

For a light but delicious lunch, Bistro is an appealing option amidst the full range of Vaduz restaurants. What’s more, it’s open 24 hours a day, so you can dip into its delectable fare whenever your stomach deems it lunch-o-clock.

Located at the Residence Hotel Vaduz, Bistro serves up inspired French cuisine with a menu that changes every week, keeping Chef Thomas Decock firmly on his toes, although balance is what he really craves.

Chef Decock’s stated desire is to achieve the perfect balance between sweet, sour, bitter and salty with all his dishes. As such, the dynamic menu features surprising delights such as veal rolls, Yellowfin tuna tataki and even coriander sorbet.

4. Café Amann

People eating pizza at Vaduz restaurants, cafés and bars

A little slice of history in the heart of Vaduz, Café Amann is one of the most affordable Vaduz restaurants for lunch and a local institution. Consequently, you’re going to have to jostle with hungry Liechtensteiners to dig into its daily lunch specials, which sell out swiftly.

Never fear, however. While you may struggle to get a table during the frenetic lunch hour, there’s a hot counter serving up pizzas, schnitzel breads and hamburgers, not to mention the adjacent bakery to indulge your sweet tooth. Even if it’s just to bag a couple of their melt-in-your-mouth chocolate croissants.

Open Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm, Café Amann has been serving up heaven on a plate to Liechtensteiners since 1874. Today, this Vaduz café and bakery is still run by the Amann family of bakers.  

5. Restaurant Adler

German Sausage with Cabbage

Comfort food of the highest order awaits when you visit this Vaduz restaurant, located inside Hotel Adler. Think sizzling Brätwurst, Rösti and creamy Beef Stroganoff, with enough butter to make even the most die-hard French chef raise an eyebrow.

Open Monday to Friday from 08:00am to 11:00pm, Restaurant Adler’s cosy ambience can only be described as modern rustic comfort. With its distinctive royal purple walls, traditional family values and hearty home-cooked regional favourites, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled to another era.

The owners of Restaurant Adler have had several decades to entrench this soul-warming culinary experience, having built the family-run restaurant in 1908. And the star of the show on the menu? Simple Alpine cuisine, homemade with love by the 4th generation of restaurant owners.

 6. Brasserie Burg

Pizza being sliced  at Vaduz restaurants, cafés and bars

Michelin-starred it may not be, but the Brasserie Burg gets a gold star amongst all the Vaduz restaurants for convenience, value for money and cosmopolitan vibe.

This Vaduz café is open 365 days a year and is located in the pedestrian precinct in the centre of town, making it exceptionally busy no matter what time you choose to stop by.

While Brasserie Burg’s sandwiches, salads, burgers and pasta are all delicious, it is its stone oven-baked pizza selection that will make your inner Italian sing soprano.  Vegans and vegetarians are also well catered for. 

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Do you have any foodie favourites in Liechtenstein you’d like to share? Have you enjoyed piping-hot local comfort food at a Liechtenstein restaurant, café or bar we’ve missed? We’d love to hear your ‘out to lunch’ experience in Vaduz in our comments below…

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