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7 ways post-divorce travel helps you find yourself again

Breaking it off is difficult and while a vacation won’t fix everything, post-divorce travel will help you reset and reconnect with your solo self. Whether it’s a short trip to get away and make new memories, or a longer  Eat, Pray, Love-style grand adventure, we’ve looked at seven ways a post-divorce holiday can help you find yourself again and set you on your way to embracing the single life. 

1. Travel gives you distance

Space and distance is especially helpful after working through the paperwork and process of a divorce. Changing your environment can help you heal and start to rebuild. It’s why post-divorce travel is the best way mark this new chapter in your life. Getting space between you and your ex-partner allows you both to move on and find new joy. Just make sure you book your post divorce vacation to somewhere that doesn’t remind you of him or her. You don’t want ghosts of a past life popping up while you’re trying to build a new one.

2. Tackle your fear of the unknown

Venturing out into the unknown can feel really scary, but it doesn’t have to be. The reward of a post-divorce vacation is high, so it’s worth taking the risk to experience something new and prove to yourself that you are capable. Pack a pair of your bravest trousers and book a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. We know you’ll have a blast and most likely return home stronger, more courageous and with more belief in yourself and your ability to take on anything.

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3. Tick off your bucket list

Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit Paris, but your ex-partner wasn’t the romantic type. Maybe you picture yourself ziplining through the jungles of Costa Rica, but your ex fears adventure. Maybe you want to try sushi in Japan, but your ex would rather go camping. The beauty of post divorce travel? No more compromises. Now it’s all about you and doing what lights you up. Sit down and write up a huge bucket list of what you want to do during this brilliant, precious life of yours. Then choose three things you want to achieve in the next few years and focus on making those happen.

4. Travel with a friend or venture out solo

Change is hard and trying something new doesn’t always feel easy. If the idea of travelling solo on your post-divorce holiday fills you with fears and insecurities, find a close, upbeat friend who can be there to balance you out and offer some homely comfort. But if you’d rather leave your present life behind, a solo post divorce vacation is the perfect chance to focus on you. Of course, there is always the fear of feeling lonely while on the road, which is why many solo travellers choose to join a group tour, like those offered by Trafalgar, where they can relax and enjoy the journey while meeting like minded travel lovers. The beauty of strangers? They don’t know your whole story so you can choose to focus on the moment, make new memories and bond over shared interests and hobbies. Shared laughter with new friends will make you forget the past, but also remember the beauty and joy of the incredible world out there within your grasp.

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5. Do something daring or creative

Maybe you were married for five, 10, 20 or 30+ years. Regardless of time, being in a relationship takes compromise and work. Now you can transfer that effort to yourself and your needs. Use it as a chance to discover new hobbies or interests, tickle that itch for adventure or try something new just because you can. While on your post-divorce holiday say a big fat YES to adventure and creative activities that push you outside your comfort zone and help you rediscover who you really are. Take a chance and invest in yourself and your happiness.

Post divorce travel walk on the beach

6. Learn about new cultures

There’s a reason the famous Eat, Pray, Love memoir takes American journalist Elizabeth Gilbert on a globetrotting adventure around the globe. It’s the lessons she picks up from each country and culture that helps her find herself again. Travel connects you with people from all walks of life. It’s through these meetings with strangers who have lived different experiences, environments and cultures that we gain knowledge – and often learn more about ourselves in the process. 

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7. Reflect and set new goals

The whole point of post-divorce travel is to find your true self again and set a new direction for your life. Now that you’re no longer running in tandem with someone else, there’s no need to compromise and it’s likely your personal goals and priorities will shift. Use your time on the road away from home to reflect on your life, your past dreams, hobbies and goals and use the experience to set new ones and draft some plans for the next chapter of your incredible life.

Did you take a post-divorce vacation or holiday? Let us know about your post-divorce travel plans or what you learnt in the comments below….

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