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9 must-see places to see in Europe for your bucket list

If you’re as mad about travel as us, no doubt your bucket list is filled with dreamy European trips. After all, we’ve had plenty of time to visualise ourselves sipping cocktails in the sun, wandering Medieval castles and ancient streets, biting into the perfect croissant or pastel de nata, and standing in awe of Europe’s natural beauty. Europe is reopening to tourists this summer, making it one of the hottest travel destinations to explore. Whether you’re chasing sunshine and vitamin sea, or prefer ancient city streets and mountaintops, here’s our list of the best European places to visit.  


Why is Italy at the top of everyone’s 2021 bucket list? Maybe it’s the romance of Venice, the history or Rome, or the wines of Tuscany. Perhaps it’s just the incredible gelato. After all, we just want a slice of “la dolce vita”. There are few things as dreamy as an Italian vacation filled with pizza, pasta and picturesque sights. 

Your 2021 bucket list trip: Best of Italy

Colosseum Rome European trips

United Kingdom

Brush shoulders with royalty, sink a Guinness in Dublin, seek out the monster of Loch Ness, chase Beatlemania, discover viking legacies and experience the dramatic and green coastline of the UK. The fabulous four – England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland – offer visitors such a dynamic holiday experience, making it one of the top 2021 European trips.

Your 2021 bucket list trip: Britain and Ireland Panorama

Buckingham Palace European trips


The tiny mountain country packs a lot in for its size. With three official languages, seemingly endless mountains and idyllic lakes, Switzerland is a breathtaking destination to explore. Sample premium chocolate, visit 15th-century vineyards and ride the oldest mountain railway to find spectacular views. Switzerland is a top place to visit in 2021 as the tiny nation draws on influences from all of Europe, especially from its neighbours France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.

Your 2021 bucket list trip: Contrasts of Switzerland

Swiss countryside European trips


This collective of countries packs a mighty punch when combined, making it high on our 2021 travel bucket list. Central Europe is full of colourful folklore, tales of war and rich medieval history. Between Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic you’ll explore some of the greatest capital cities in Europe and unveil the greatest stories in the heart of Europe.

Your 2021 bucket list trip: Bohemian Highlights

Prague Bridge European Trips


From the people to the weather, nowhere turns up the heat quite like Spain. This fiery country is full of passion and it shows in the unique architecture, food and culture. Feel the beat of flamenco dancing, embrace the siesta and sangria crowd and uncover the pride and traditions that make Spain such a wonderful place to visit in 2021.

Your 2021 bucket list trip: Best of Spain

Gaudi Spain


There’s a reason Portugal is on everyone’s 2021 bucket list, and it’s not just because of the pastel de nata custard tarts. From dramatic cliffs and unspoiled beaches, to hills peppered with grapevines, windmills and charming cities, Europe’s wild west is waiting to be explored this year. And after one bite? Well, you’re going to want to see it all from ancient Porto in the north to the Algarve and her beaches in the south.

Your 2021 bucket list trip: Best of Portugal

Portugal Lisbon Tram European trips


From wandering out to the 8th-century church of Mont St Michel in the north, to discovering the perfumeries of Provence, it’s no wonder that France attracts more visitors than any other country. Perhaps seeing the Eiffel Tower up close and visiting The Louvre is on your 2021 bucket list, or maybe you’re ready to dive deeper and get to know what makes a Bordeaux wine so rich. There’s no denying it – France is every bit as fantastic as you think it will be.

Your 2021 bucket list trip: Wonderful France

Eiffel Tower at night,


Picture this: you’re cruising between Greek islands, vibrant turquoise water is lapping the boat, warm sunshine is kissing your skin and a gentle breeze keeps you cool. Greece is a magical 2021 travel destination for your bucket list. From ancient Athens to the sun-drenched islands around the Aegean Sea history, don’t skip over Greece as the ultimate post-lockdown European trip to escape to.

Your 2021 bucket list trip: Best of Greece

Greek Islands, European trips


Eastern Europe offers more than meets the eyes when it comes to planning your 2021 travel bucket list. The Balkans is rich in history, natural beauty and friendly locals. Experience the teal cascades of Plitvice Lakes National Park, sail to stunning Croatian islands dotting the Adriatic, learn how Sarajevo once relied on its Bosnian War Tunnel and explore the Bay of Kotor on a whirlwind trip with us.

Your 2021 bucket list trip: Balkan Delight

Croatian Boat Trip,

So, what’s on your Europe 2021 travel bucket list? Tell us about your top European places to visit in 2021 in the comments…

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