Leaving booking your vacation to the last minute? You could be missing out

There are two different types of travellers: Those who leave things to the last minute, and those who love to prepare well in advance. While we love a bit of spontaneity when we travel, the early birds are the real winners when it comes to booking a vacation. From giving you more options and helping you save money, to avoiding the disappointment of missing out and ensuring a stress-free planning process, here’s why you should book early for your next trip.

You can secure the trip you want

As we emerge from the pandemic, everyone is ready to travel again. That means everything is selling out earlier than ever. If you want to snag your dream trip on your ideal dates, you’ve got to book in advance. We already know that time-specific tours are already selling out for 2023 like our Christmas market tours, Scandinavia trips to see the Northern Lights, trips to Japan to see the cherry blossoms, and United States trips to see the fall foliage. And if you want to go to a specific event like the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland or the New Orleans Jazz Festival, or a destination with limited tickets like Machu Picchu in Peru, it’s absolutely essential to book early. We’re also seeing our guest’s favourite trips selling out months in advance like our all-time most popular tour, Best of Italy

The bottom line? It’s first in, first served – so get in early to secure your dream trip. 

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couple smiling at each in Cappadocia with hot air balloons at sunset in the background

The earlier you book, the better your planning

Like any big event, the more time you have to plan, the better. Booking your vacation early will ensure you have ample time to make all the necessary preparations for passports, visas, vaccinations, banking and other essentials. Passports and visas alone can take months to arrange, plus you’ll need to notify employers and potential house-sitters or pet-sitters ahead of time. 

You’ll also have more time to save for your trip and plan out a budget. An extra few months, or even a year, of saving can make all the difference when it comes time to take off for your dream holiday. 

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traveller walking over a wooden bridge surrounded by rocky mountains and green forest

You have more options when you book earlier

When you’re booking your vacation at the last minute, you have to take whatever’s left in terms of flights, tours, hotels, and activities. When you book earlier, you have your pick of the lot and can plan the ultimate trip that’s perfect for you. This is especially important if you’re booking as a group. You don’t want to be forced to travel separately or miss out on tours or activities because you booked too late.

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You can take advantage of sales

They say the early bird catches the worm and that’s absolutely true when it comes to booking a vacation. In this case, the worm is lower prices. When you book early, you’ll often find better fares and special sales, where you can score a great deal on your trip. It’s worth getting in early just for the savings! You can always check Trafalgar’s Deals page to see if we’re having a sale, or better yet – sign up for our email newsletter.

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traveller sitting on a rug in front of the Taj Mahal at sunrise

Peace of mind

When you’re booking a vacation, it’s easy to feel paralysed by decisions and options. But the longer you leave it, the more stressful it becomes as you watch prices go up and trips sell out. Booking early provides peace of mind. When you know you’ve already secured your booking, you can really enjoy the excitement and anticipation of your trip, without worrying about all the arrangements so close to your departure date. As you set off on your holiday, feeling prepared and unfrazzled, you’ll be glad you booked early.

Do you enjoy a last-minute getaway or do you prefer to book early? Let us know in the comments below!

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