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"I love history and Trafalgar makes it happen" - Candy's Balkans travel diary

The lucky winners of our Trafalgar Unlocked Awards have set off on their 12-day trip to the Balkans! One of the winners was Candy, a passionate traveler from the Philippines. Candy has visited 51 countries – now 55 after this Balkans trip. She’s been travelling with Trafalgar for over ten years and has taken 11 Trafalgar tours. Candy took her best friend on this trip so they could both experience the trip of a lifetime. We caught up with Candy during the trip to find out how she’s enjoying the trip so far and where she’s off to next. 

“I celebrated my birthday (Feb 2, 2019) in a Nile Cruise where the whole boat guests celebrated with me. The whole crew gave special numbers including the cooks with drums and everything singing Happy Birthday in Arabic with a big cake on hand approaching me on my table. That was one of the BEST TRIP I ever did with Trafalgar.”

Candy’s Trafalgar Unlocked Awards entry

EXPERIENCE IT: Balkan Delight

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What’s your favorite thing about exploring with Trafalgar?

It’s very informative and it gives me a lot of time to know a certain country, and it gives me time to know the locals, the foods, and the cultures of different countries here, like Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.

What has been the highlight of the trip so far for you?

For me, the highlight is visiting Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina because I’m really eager to know more about the Bosnian War and the stories of the 1990s because I love history and Trafalgar makes it happen.

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Have you made any new friends on the trip?

Oh yes! They’re all nice, like Tracy and Kim, Sarah and Pushp, Dolores and Jay… They’re all amazing people. All of them are winners and they are all amazing people. 

Where do you want to visit next?

This coming October I’m booked to go to the Canadian Rockies with Trafalgar!

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What will you be taking away with you from this trip?

I’m taking a lot of souvenirs because I’ve done a lot of shopping. Lots of beautiful memories, beautiful photos, beautiful experiences with the locals, and of course, the beautiful experience with the Trafalgar people who are traveling with us – Kelsey, Julia, Dee, Mia, and all the crew. 

How would you describe a Trafalgar tour in just three words?

Amazing, educational, informative.

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What would you say to someone who hasn’t experienced group travel before and is thinking about it?

You will never go wrong with Trafalgar. Please come, please book with Trafalgar! Even if you are traveling solo, you will not feel like you’re traveling solo. Everybody will love you from the Travel Director to the Driver to your tour mates. You will never feel alone. I’ve been traveling with Trafalgar solo, I started in 2013 and I really enjoy it. 

Thank you to Candy for sharing her story on the road in the Balkans! You can read more stories from our guests on the Balkans trip on The Real Word blog. 

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