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Heard these captivating facts about Luxembourg?

Recently updated on July 20th, 2023 at 09:26 am

Luxembourg may be one of the world’s smallest countries, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in peculiarities (and wealth). To put you on the right exploration path, we’re sharing some of the most interesting Luxembourg facts.

1. The average minimum wage is impressively high

Euro Notes - interesting, fun Luxembourg facts

Good news if you’re working a minimum-wage job. If you can work legally in Luxembourg, you can look forward to the highest minimum wage in the European Union. The minimum wage was fixed at 2,142 € per month in 2020, making it the country offering the highest salary in the region.  

2. It’s the world’s second-richest country

The World Economic Forum lists Luxembourg as the world’s second-richest in the world, with an average GDP per capita of an estimated $79,593,91. Luxembourg shares the ‘world’s richest’ accolade with Qatar and Singapore; interestingly countries that are also small in size. Of course, this is because while many people work in Luxembourg, they live in neighbouring Belgium, France or Germany. 

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3. It’s safe

Luxembourg is also one of the safest countries in the world. It’s reported that there are just 1300 police and only two jails

4. The wine is delicious 

Mosel winery - interesting, fun Luxembourg facts

Wine lovers will be thrilled to know that Luxembourg also produces its own fine varietals. A tributary of the Rhine flows through the lush Moselle Valley, making this fertile land for vineyards, weighed down with Auxerrois Blanc and Müller-Thurgau grapes in season.

But it is the favourite Crémant de Luxembourg that is quite literally the cream of the crop. This sparkling wine, similar to Champagne, has won 22 gold medals and for good reason. 

Come sunset, splurge on a glass or bottle (or two) at the cosy Restaurant Chiggeri, in the heart of the city centre. You’re spoilt for choice and can choose from more than 2200 wines – the world’s most extensive wine list.

5. It’s home to the only Grand Duchy in the world

Grand Duchy Palace

Grand Duchy sounds rather impressive, but what does it actually mean? Simply put, it’s the term used to describe a country whose official ruler is a grand duke or grand duchess. In the early 1900s, there were 14 grand duchies across Europe. But today, only Luxembourg remains and at its head, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prince Henri.

Despite its diminutive size, Luxembourg is also a significant centre of politics as one of the three official capitals of the European Union. Within its close borders, the locals speak Luxembourgish, German and French. Most residents are trilingual.

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 6. It boasts UNESCO World Heritage sites

Castle in Luxembourg

Although Luxembourg boasts two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the most notable of these lies within the Grand Duchy’s capital city itself. The fortress and Old City of Luxembourg are jointly recognised by UNESCO as one of Europe’s most important and strategic fortified sites. There’s even a UNESCO visitor centre at the city’s heart revealing its historic importance.

Even more captivating for visitors, is the prospect of exploring the 17km of underground tunnels that lie beneath the city. Built in 1644, they were used as air-raid shelters during both World Wars, sheltering up to 35000 people. Today they also form part of the UNESCO-designated area.

7. Hopping is an actual sightseeing attraction

Echternach procession - interesting, fun Luxembourg facts

If you decide to leave Luxembourg City to see the rest of the countryside, you’ll want to stop in the abbey town of Echternach. Lace-up those boots for the annual Pentecost festival’s proceedings. Or keep both feet on the ground instead. Watch tens of thousands of locals gather to perform a rather unusual, yet synchronised hopping procession. 

If the curious tradition of hopping wasn’t enough to ignite your spirit for adventure, indulge your wanderlust and visit one of the world’s smallest, but richest nations. There are many more interesting and fun facts about Luxembourg that await discovery.

Have we missed any interesting Luxembourg facts? Share your fun facts and favourite places to visit in our comments below…

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